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The Best News EVAR

I just learned that Dinosaur Jr is playing here at the Orange Peel April 7!!!

This is probably the biggest moment of my musical life. As I have written before, this band influenced me so much, and their 2nd album is still my favorite record of all time. Yet, I have never seen them. And they are touring with the original lineup!!!

I bought 2 tickets. Who wants to go?

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  1. lerj lerj

    me me me.

    but i will not be in NC.

  2. me! every week i hear “you are so 90’s” which, to me, means “you are so awesome!”. i am not a fan of the Orange Peel (understatement) but sounds worth it.

  3. Alas…I already have a taker. BUT, tickets are cheap and you should go so we can, like, ‘hang’.

    And being so 90’s IS cool.

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