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30% off coupon for Dell Latitude

I hardly ever trust the coupon sites floating around on the net, but I figured what they hey, it can’t hurt to try one.

I’ve really been wanting a Dell Latitude D630 series (yeah it’s an older model, on the 800 bus etc.) but, it IS the perfect laptop when looking to run 100% of any version of Linux and works with all the major “Security Tool” CD’s.  ;0)

I picked up a D630 with the following:

Intel Core2duo 2.4Ghz
Windows Vista (so what, it’s getting wiped)
4GB Ram (my vm’s will love it)
14.1 WXGA+ Non-Glare screen
160GB 7200RPM Drive
Intel x3100 Video (yes I actually wanted this)
Intel 4965 Wireless

and so on……

Plus I grabbed a 3 year on site Next Business Day warranty

Total: $1050.00 !!!!

If you’ve never used a Dell Latitude model laptop, let me tell you, they are made VERY well, especially compared to the Inspiron series.

So without further gloating…..

This code (don’t know how long it will last) will get you a cool 30% off any Latitude series (E6xxx or D630).

I really would have gone for the E6400 with backlit keyboard etc. but it’s just to new for my tastes.
However, if you don’t give a hoot about Linux and will just be running Vista / Win7, I would 100% go for the 6400 series.

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