So every sports writer, fan, and opponent thinks the Louisville Cardinals got utterly hosed in the NCAA Tournament seedings. They got a number 4 seed after having THE best resume of any team since January. Look at this:

  • They won their regular season conference
  • They won the conference tournament
  • They won 18 of their last 19 games
  • They were 8-2 against teams in the tourney
  • They played better on the road, defeated Marquette twice, Memphis twice, Cincy twice, and Charlotte twice. Oh, and won at Florida.
  • They ended with a better record than many of the teams placed ahead of them (29-4)

What gives??? The only consoling factor is that they are in the easiest bracket and have been picked by many, including myself, to be in the Final Four. In fact, I have them facing Duke in the championship game.

If you want to join our Yahoo Tourney Pick ‘Em, just let me know. You can check out out group’s members and picks if you want.

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