Over and Done

Well that was not so good, but I knew going into it that it would all end here. Illinois hasn’t been ranked #1 most of the year for no reason, and they were only one 3-pointer away from a perfect record.

Louisville stayed with them most of the game, and even held the lead for a little. The Cards just looked out of it tonight, not hitting open shots, and not showing that hunger they had over the last couple of months.

I’m happy with a final four appearance by Louisville, knowing that this will be the start of many more in the near future. And thanks to Ma & Pa for the t-shirt.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Dad!

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  1. Hey, congrats for a great season. At the end of the day, both Illinois and UNC had too much durn talent on the roster for anyone to keep close. They are both playing at the top of their games and Monday ought to be a brawl.

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