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Cable Companies: Monopolizing Progress Prohibitors

imagesA good read about how the cable industry in the U.S. is getting away with highway robbery, monopolization, and stifling progress. This really needs to change.

“If you’ve got a commodity that everybody needs as an input into their businesses, like take railroads for example, and it costs a lot to initially build that network so it’s hard for someone else to enter, and you can cooperate with your colleagues who are also providing that service, and you can divide up markets, you’ve got a monopoly business,” Crawford explained. “We’ve seen this happen with wired Internet access in the United States.”

Most of us don’t even know how bad we have it. We lag behind most other modern nations in broadband permeation, cost, access, and options.

“If you move into an apartment in Seoul [South Korea], you have a choice of three different providers, they show up in a day because there’s so much competition, and they charge you $30 for TV and everything. Koreans when they come to the United States… actually laugh at us for how expensive and how slow [American Internet service] is.”

Don’t we deserve this?

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