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ELITE 8!!!!

I wonder if the NCAA selection committee still thinks UofL should have been a #4 seed.

93 – 79 over the number one seeded Washington Huskies!

I actually got to see about 1/3 of this game! Why on Earth CBS felt we should be watching the Illinois game is beyond me. At least it wasn’t a Duke game this time, even though Jay Bilas was announcing.

Oh yeah, New Pics from my handy-dandy cellular telephone camera have been posted 🙂

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  1. frank-n-beans frank-n-beans

    Did your superstitious routine work then? I watched the first half and pretty much gave up on em.

  2. Jackson Jackson

    Durn, I underrated the Huskies… I said they would lose by 16, but they managed to only lose by 14… my brackets still have lots of potential…

  3. Ooooh….looks like I overestimated Duke. Now I know all of our brackets are way screwed.

  4. Jackon Jackon

    That’s the most lackluster basketball I have ever seen them play. They played like they were exhausted. It looked like Coach K had them running drills until five minutes before game time or some such thing… Disappointing end to an overacheiving “rebuilding” year with only 8 scholarship players. How many McD’s Americans does UL have coming in next year?
    Ooh, ooh, does this mean we can have UK/UL title game? Can I change my brackets? Can I change my pants?

  5. frank-n-beans frank-n-beans

    How About MICHIGAN STATE??
    guys, can we talk less about Duke and more about them East Lansing boyz? They wore duke out using the whole bench…unlike coach K running them ragged. Like I said Wilbur, I look forward to State killin them Cards!!

  6. OK so you know I was rooting for Mich St last night, but now they have to make it by Kentucky and Carolina before they meet Louisville. And uh, good luck with that. Not to mention the fact that Louisville has to make it by West Virginia today, which in my opinion, doesn’t look very likely.


  7. frank-n-beans frank-n-beans

    wasn’t that a heckuva game? I did wonder if Duke came to play.

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