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UFO Sighting: Orange lights over Reynold’s Mountain in Asheville

Last night my buddy Mark and I were hanging out on my back deck when almost simultaneously we saw an orange lite rise up from behind a cluster of trees and start flying slowly through the air. It was soon followed by a second and third light.

The third light vanished quickly, but the other two flew at more or less the same speed in the same direction, though it seemed as if they varied their courses slightly. After about 20-30 seconds, they each faded away and were gone.

We sat there marveling over what we saw. I was quick enough to whip out my phone and shoot video, though all you can see on it is a couple of flickering orange lights on a black background.

About 3 minutes later, we watched another light come from the same place and do the same thing! This time I ran in to grab Rachael and she made it out in time to watch it with us. This light went off in the same direction and vanished about the same place over Reynold’s Mountain.

We heard no noises at all coming from the direction of the lights. They remained solid until they disappeared: no flashing lights, nothing similar to an aircraft.

Mark got on the Internet later and discovered someone else had see the same thing back in February:

Exact same description, exact same location. A little more Google revealed that others witnessed the same types of lights in other places around the world over the last week hours or so. The following articles describe very similar behavior of orange lights. The included videos and photos show exactly what we saw last night.

June 6 in Apple Valley, California

May 29 in Michigan

May 30 in Guelph Canada–spray-of-red-lights-over-guelph-puzzles-onlookers

May 30 in Lincoln, NE

May 27 in Plymouth, Mass

May 22 in Blenhein, New Zealand

Ottowa on May 5

April 8 in Sacramento


If you have seen anything like this, I’d love to know!


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  1. Lou Dischler Lou Dischler

    I and several others saw something similar over Spartanburg, SC on 12/23/2021 at about 7:00 PM. It was a flickering orange ball traveling overhead and to the north. There was no wind, and the object moved at about the speed and altitude of a small aircraft, but with no sound and no evidence of any structure. It did nothing impossible, but the flickering was irregular and resembled flames. We viewed it for a couple of minutes.

    • Sounds very similar. I’ve since come to learn of “moon candles,” which could be one potential explanation, especially around special occasions (holidays, weddings, etc).

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