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Layer Me Not

When Macromedia created what it calls “layers” (really just CSS div tags positioned absolutely) in Dreamweaver, it did a world of damage to the field of web design. This is largely in part because people tend to think of layers like those you use when creating complex images in Photoshop, and expect them to behave similarly.

Furthermore, the way they implement these so-called layers, by using absolute positioning, works against forward-thinking CSS design.

I bring this up only because I see people everywhere (everywhere being Yahoo web design chat and some Web Design forums I frequent) stuck in the layer way of thinking asking questions about why their layout works in IE, but not in Firefox, or vis-versa.

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A Small War Won

Today the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (known as the “activist court” by conservatives who get upset when they interpret the law correctly) ruled that Grokster and Streamcast are not liable for the illegal swapping of files on their networks since there are no centrally located servers that house the files. This is a good thing.

Why? Not because I condone the illegal trading of music and other copyrighted material, but because a technology that allows people to communicate and share information has not been shut down. There are plenty of legitimate uses for such a network, and some day, we might just see them take the forefront over the illegitimate uses.

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Stop The Pain

I have written here before about my disdain for the open wound that is Internet Explorer. The folks at are doing some good work to help promote the cause for other browser usage. Pay them a visit.

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Last Stop for Web Radio

I have been a devout user of Apple’s iTunes software for quite some time now. Recently, I read somewhere about LastFM, an online radio service that customizes itself based upon your musical preferences.

The cool thing is that they have a plugin for iTunes that will report to LastFM what you have been listening to. Based on that information, they do several things. First, they build a playlist of tunes you can listen to from anywhere you can log into your account, tailored to your favorite artists. Second, they build a ‘neighborhood’ of other members that have similar tastes to you. You can listen to their personalized radio streams too.

In this capacity, I continue to find a lot of new music I enjoy. The LastFM service is more or less free (they ask for a donation after a 30 day trial). It’s definitely worth a checkin’.

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So close it hurts

Many of you will happy to know that at the brand new I have relaunched the Gray Gallery as it was on the former site. This means only one thing: new pictures will be coming very, very soon. Tonight, if you are lucky.