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VMware – RHEL / CentOS 6.2 – Network Issues

Howdy folks,

I just grabbed CentOS 6.2 (don’t know if it’s an issue in 6.0, 6.1), but an installation with the “Basic Server” within VMware Fusion 4.1.1 delivered no IP address etc. when leaving DHCP/NAT as the default.

Finding: Seems, either something is goofed in the dhclient or NetworkManager (now default for RHEL 6.x).

Fix: I brought the network interface up “ifup eth0”, then ran “dhclient eth0”, obtained an IP and ran “yum update -y”, after which (I noticed dhclient was in the updates), I was able to reboot and all worked well.

Not a big deal, as you could have just manually configured your network script, but maybe it will help someone. 🙂

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  1. Rob Rob

    Hey it helped me! Thanks!

  2. Zach Zach

    Thank you so much I have a class project due today and havent been able to get this working for about 2 weeks now. Your solution at least got me updating 😀 *crosses fingers*

    • willc willc

      Good to hear. Good luck!

  3. Adam Adam


    Helped a newbie like me – spent ages trying to get eth0 up on Centos 6.3

    Thank you

    • willc willc


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