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Connect your blog with Facebook

Facebook keep redesigning their interface, and thus messing up instructions people have written for doing simple things such as integrating your blog posts with Facebook.  If you have every wanted to make it so that your blog updates Facebook automatically, this is how, as of this writing:

1. Log in to Facebook

2. In the upper right, click the arrow next to Account and in the drop-down menu, choose Application Settings

3. In the list of applications, find Notes and click it

4. On the right is a box for Notes Settings. In it, click “Import a blog”

5. Enter the blog URL:

6. Check the box about agreeing to accept the terms

7. Click Start Importing

8. You are shown a preview of the blog import

9. On the right, click Confirm Import if all looks as it should

As long as your blog has a working RSS feed, Facebook will find it and use it to do the import.

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