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13 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Apps

To stay sustainable and productive at all times, you need cloud apps as a tool in your business arsenal. Although cloud computing as a concept has been around for 20 years or so, it has only recently gained wider usage and public knowledge. Because of this, around 70% of businesses use cloud computing in some way, from simple document storage to real-time data processing in the field. So, here are some of the main ways your business will benefit from the cloud.

Provide Services from Anywhere

With the easy and widespread access to internet services via Wi-Fi and mobile data networks, cloud services are coming into their own as vital tools for most businesses today. The beauty of cloud systems is that you can access them from pretty much anywhere, which lends itself well to many sectors. For example, you can access BuildOps field service management software to provide effective solutions to your construction project, increasing efficiency at your business.

They’re Very Cost Effective

It can be easy to assume that cloud services will be expensive if you aren’t familiar with them. Yet, in most cases, they offer a cost-effective solution to most situations with an impressive ROI considering how much they enhance efficiency. Here are some ways cloud apps save money:

  • There is no need to purchase fully licensed and expensive software packages.
  • You don’t need to upgrade computer hardware to be able to run cloud apps.
  • There is often no license, so you can cancel your cloud service subscription anytime.
  • The cost associated with IT teams to manage equipment and software is eliminated.
  • Most services offer tiered packages to suit the size of your business needs.

Cloud apps are as easy to use as any other mobile app you are already familiar with, in most cases. So you don’t need experts to set them up and use them. Additionally, many of your staff will be familiar with how apps work, meaning limited to no training requirements to use them.

You Need Cloud Apps for Improved Security

Cybersecurity is a major issue these days for every business. From the smallest mom-and-pop store to the largest multinational corporation, you will need security. However, you can eliminate the chances of data loss or theft using cloud services and reduce liability. This is because the cloud services you use are responsible for most of the security issues on their end. Additionally, you can more easily meet compliance requirements in your sector if you use cloud software.

Easy Scaling Solutions

Business scaling is a complex task to manage, and flexibility is the key issue. As a business, sometimes you will see more demand for your services, and other times demand will decrease. Fortunately, cloud services allow you to easily switch packages and terms based on your current needs. This means you can more easily scale accordingly. This includes systems such as tiered service packages, IT services that your business needs, and even access to office software.

Instant Access to Company Data

Mobile apps are designed to be just that. And your business might rely on mobile workers. Of course, this presented problems in the past if your workers needed to access specific company data. One of the most common ways was to provide remote access to your network. But this presents security issues and is a little unreliable. However, you can provide access to cloud services for accessing stored documents, required apps, and other pertinent data and apps.

Finding Data Through Insights and Analytics

The world of data and information is big business these days. Data can be bought and sold and even stolen. But as a business, data is invaluable because it means you gain real insights into what your customers do. This means you can make changes based on what they want. Most Cloud services offer excellent custom data analytics tools as a means of providing a wider perspective concerning information without having to personally go through masses of data.

Better Collaboration Efforts

Collaboration is a bit of a buzzword in modern business. But it is also an effective tool, which showed how useful it is during the COVID-19 pandemic. From a small local team to international offices, cloud-based collaboration is no longer an optional part of the business:

  • Cloud services typically offer multiple-person access, making collaboration easier.
  • Authorized members can view and share data in real-time or upload and download.
  • The security of your data is handled by the cloud service you use to collaborate.
  • Some cloud apps come with “social spaces” for engaging with multiple colleagues.
  • You can offer support and finish projects when working from home.
  • The asynchronous method means workers don’t need to wait for others to finish work.
  • Documents and data are easily accessible in real-time as soon as they are available.
  • Multiple users can work on the same document or company project at the same time.
  • There are chat systems in place when you are working on a project with others.

You can provide a seamless and secure integration across your company using cloud-based collaboration apps. There are many you can use. Some of the most popular cloud collaboration apps that the world’s biggest companies use include Google Drive, Slack, and GoToMeeting.  

Consistent Data Types

For ease of use, security, and, in some cases, compliance, data and practices must be consistent. For example, it doesn’t help your business if there are multiple document formats that workers must access. They may not have the right software to open them. Fortunately, cloud services offer a single data format when you store documents on their servers. This is useful for many reasons, such as poor data, clear revision history, and reduced human error.

Improved Disaster Avoidance

A computer disaster can be a nightmare for your business when trying to recover. And if the disaster is bad enough, recovery can be impossible. So imagine your business loses proprietary designs for projects. Then you have no business if your network is compromised and they are stolen, or you are held to ransomware. Yet cloud services can have you back up and running in four hours because your company data is stored remotely for an easier restore as needed.

Convenient De-Centralized Access

Further to preventing disaster, your company data is much more secure and easier to access via the cloud because of its decentralized nature. Foregoing the standard local storage that we were used to meaning you can avoid problems if desktop PCs or local servers are damaged. For instance, should you forget about a ten-year-old SSD and forget to replace it, you won’t lose data if you use cloud services since what you need isn’t stored on the local computer store.

You Need Cloud Apps for Auto Updates

A cornerstone of efficient software and app usage, and also security, is updating. Yet this often requires an expert team of IT technicians and/or a network administrator. Any of which are expensive. Yet even if you can handle IT services yourself, you can forget about updates if you are busy. Yet cloud services govern themselves, so updates to software and security services are done by the cloud service you use, improving cybersecurity and reducing overall IT costs.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Cloud services afford you the chance to blaze a trail and leave the competition behind. The quick and easy access means you can offer instant services to your customers. This gives you an advantage since many businesses still keep their services on less efficient local devices:

  • Competitors will be playing catch up in your sector as you are more efficient.
  • You have access to much more data that’s not available anywhere else.
  • Your employees can engage with customers and colleagues more efficiently.
  • The insights you gain can help you model new business processes moving forward.
  • Using reliable cloud services now will help future-proof your business for later.

You can drive enhanced customer relationship strategies when you use cloud apps. From analyzing data to offering support from office to office, complex systems become more manageable. As a result, you will have the competition wondering about your magic formula.

Part of an Eco-Friendly Strategy

Sustainability in the office and your wider company’s carbon reduction policies are an ongoing process. For all your energy efficiency efforts, recycling encouragement, and trying to go paperless, it might not be enough. So, you need to come up with real solutions that support standard eco-friendly practices. Cloud services offer a way to do that because they exist almost entirely virtually. This means no physical products, carbon emissions, or more wasted energy. 


If you are wondering why you need cloud apps, there are many you should consider as a real 21st-century business. One of the most useful is that they allow you to offer services to your customers from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Yet cloud services also offer a viable method of collaborating with your staff and colleagues much more effectively. Finally, cloud services also offer a unique eco-friendly way to power your business as they aren’t physical.

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