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3 Security Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Home security is so important and putting measures in place to protect your home from burglars will make you feel a lot safer. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice out there about home security which causes people to make poor decisions and take unnecessary risks that actually increase the likelihood of a break-in. If you are concerned about your home security, make sure that you don’t listen to any of these myths.

Deterrents Don’t Work 

You might have heard people say that burglar alarms and security cameras don’t work as a deterrent because criminals are more advanced than they used to be. The logic is that criminals know how to get around these things and they don’t see them as a challenge anymore, so they won’t be deterred by a house that has these systems in place. However, that isn’t actually the case because, when faced with a choice between a house that has security systems in place and one that doesn’t, the burglar will always go with the second option. This myth often comes from statistics about fake security cameras, which can be recognized by burglars and are less effective. However, if you use professional security cameras installers and fit a good quality burglar alarm on your house, they absolutely will act as a deterrent. Having security cameras in place also makes it easier to catch the culprit if you are robbed, so they’re always a worthwhile investment. 

Smart Tech Is The Way To Go 

There’s a smart version of everything these days from doorbells to locks and a lot of people assume that smart tech is always the way to go if you want to keep your home secure. However, a lot of these products are designed with smart features in mind, not security. A smart door lock, for example, might be handy because you can lock it from your phone but it can also be drilled open in 4 seconds because the actual lock itself is terrible. There are some smart products, like video doorbells, which are good for security but just because something is new, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better and sometimes, the tried and tested methods are more effective. When buying security equipment, always look for good hardware over fancy smart features. 

It Won’t Make You Feel Safer 

This is a common myth that doesn’t carry any weight because it’s simply not true. While some people will always feel unsafe, the majority of people do find that they feel safer when they invest in home security systems. While there are other ways to make yourself feel safe, home security is the most effective. In the end, it’s a personal choice and if you think that you will feel safer with a burglar alarm and security cameras installed around your home, you should put some in. 

These myths often cause people to neglect home security because they don’t think that it will make much difference. But if you ignore this bad advice, you will have a much better chance of keeping your home safe. 

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