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3D Printing Paves the Way for a DIY-Inspired Future

3D printing is one of those technologies that has been around for several decades but has only just begun to make waves in consumer interest. After all, most of these major technologies get their start by having business or industry applications before being watered down for consumers to use. 3D printing, however, isn’t just a fad or a dumbed-down toy for consumers to play with—it’s a serious technology.

3D printing offers something that many other technologies haven’t; creativity. The last major breakthrough in technology that allowed creators and hobbyists to design new things to help our lives is the introduction of the smartphone. With so many useful and silly apps being put on app stores across both the iOS and Android platforms, we tend to forget that many of these applications never used to exist and that someone somewhere thought up those ideas. In other words, it was an emerging technology that could be capitalised on and the same is happening for 3D printing.

A Growing Industry for Creative Individuals

It’s easy to see why inventors and creative people are getting excited over 3D printing businesses such as this company. The cost of a 3D printing has drastically fallen over the past few years and it’s expected that within a few more years, the cost of a 3D printing is going to be affordable enough to make it household appliance much like a regular printer. The sheer amount of possibilities it offers opens up a whole new world for creative DIY enthusiasts that just love to fix, create and improve on things.

Inventors are experimental and there’s nothing quite like logging onto a 3D printing community to find hundreds of new ideas, pictures and discussions. You could create simple things such as a phone or tablet holder, something to prop up your keyboard and make a standing desk, or even cable tidies to manage a web of wires.

As a result of this experimentation, there’s an emerging industry that can be taken advantage of by anyone with a 3D printer. Since you can mass-produce custom made figures and models, you could sell your creative and practical works on the internet on communities such as Etsy. You could even request a business or individual to create something specific for you and commission work, or you could make your own 3D models can give them to a professional company or hobbyist to print out.

3D Printing at Home

3D printers are also great to have in the home because they’re versatile and have the ability to create anything from basic household objects such as coat hangers and storage containers to customised objects that fit specific uses.

For instance, if you have some cables that have frayed ends, you could protect them by printing out cable sleeves. If you need a handle for a pot or a frying pan, you could 3D print something that slips over the handle to create your own. There are countless uses and a 3D printing is going to be a must-have for DIY enthusiasts in the future who love to create their own home “hacks”.

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