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4 Reasons to Consider a Software Developer Career Path

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, many economic powerhouses including the US built their empires by managing people who worked in industries, fields, railroads, etc. But here in the 21st century, we get most of our work done by managing machines. Software development is how humans talk to machines and tell them what to do. This crucial 21st-century skill is what is behind most essential programs that we use in our everyday life such as Google and Social media. Below we share 4 good reasons to consider a software developer career path.
  1. It’s a profession in high demand
While software development is known to have a steep learning path, once you become good at it, opportunities come flooding at your door. Many famous tech and non-tech companies heavily rely on software developers to carry out their daily business operations. Besides this, numerous startups that are highly dependent on software developers are constantly coming up presenting more opportunities to experienced developers.
  1. It’s a creative outlet
Software development is a highly creative profession just as art, writing or music is. Anytime you set out to write a program; you can create new functionality that didn’t exist before or refine an existing one. Solutions can also be expressed in many ways, and often many trade-offs have to be considered for instance the speed versus the memory consumption of a given program. A software developer career will also present you with complex problems that will require creativity, constant learning and experimentation to solve. All this will greatly boost your creativity and confidence in solving real-world problems.
  1. It’s open to remote working
Remote working, even for a few days in a week provides flexibility, saves time and helps maintain a good work/life balance. This perk is well-suited to software development since the profession only requires one to have a computer with a decent internet connection to work. There is no need to waste time commuting to and back from the office, or being forced by office politics to leave at a certain time. If you are one of those people, who desire a 100% remote job, software development is a great option to go for.
  1. It’s future proof
In the last decade, numerous jobs have disappeared often because of being replaced by computers and software which handle the work more effectively. Computer software especially Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence programs are set to disrupt even more industries in the future and take over jobs that are currently being done by people. However, all these programs will be developed and maintained by software developers hence making the profession future proof. In summary, software development is no longer some niche skill that is constrained to one field, but rather, it has become the new literacy touching every single field in the world today. Adapting to this wave of change by choosing a path in software development will greatly determine your relevance in the future. Those who won’t learn to program in good time will eventually get programmed.
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