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5 Amazing, Free Digital Signage Apps You Can Use

Digital software helps business owners create, design, schedule, and remotely distribute digital displays such as graphics, videos, and other information. Customers expect that they are provided with the most helpful information, and digital signage ensures just that.

However, not many business owners have taken advantage of this piece of discovery. Most people shy away from it because they assume it is costly to install. While that may be true with most of them, some selected few will offer you certain services for free; more so to new buyers in their first months. 

For marketing reasons, many companies will promise you free trial services, but after buying their products, you meet some obstacles. That is why we have taken the initiative to share some of the digital signage that we trust will give you a free entry into digital marketing. 


Yodeck is one of the best digital signage software that enables you to power your screen with dynamic content without spending on your first subscription. The provider requires a Raspberry Pi player.

The free Raspberry pi player comes with the annual plan. However, to have a better experience, you will have to incur some cost of upgrading some subscription plans that begin at $7.99 per month. The three paid subscription plans include standard, Pro, and Enterprise. 


With Yodeck, distance from your screen has no limit. You can create, design, and display content on your screen at your workplace, even when you are relaxing at home or any other part of the world.

Despite being free, this provider supports almost all media communications, including videos, PDF files, office docs, social media, images, and data dashboards. With that being said, you can get information to viewers that matter to you most in any form that you want to reach them.

It displays attention-demanding contents on the screen, thanks to a drag and drops zone editing feature. This feature enables users to get more creative in organizing content into an appealing layout. 

If you have a tight budget and have been dreaming of digital signage that can promote your businesses of different sizes, this software provider is for you. 


Should offer more widgets.


 The intuiface has three different software modules; composers, players, and analytics. These modules allow you to design your content, play it on different devices, and see how end users interact. The good news is that all these three modules can be used under the intuiface free plan. However, you will incur a monthly upgrade cost for the three modules for a better experience.


For those who believe that cheap things are never good, this provider will prove you wrong. The fact that it is accessible via mobile App explains the conveniences you will have to enjoy. Moreover, it has a native iOS and Android App. In that case, the distance from your organization is never a big deal. You can access your organization display screen remotely through your mobile phone.

Besides, it is one of the leading platforms for creating and displaying interactive, expressive, and connected digital experiences without writing code. The experiences are driven by a multi-touch display, RFID/NFC device, and much more. The companies, therefore, use it to display everything from exhibition to kiosk, etc.


Using the three modules under the intuiface free plan comes with limitations. This includes:

You only get a single report on the analytical dashboard.

Creating and running different designs on different devices will be watermarked by the intuiface logo. 

You won’t have offline access to tools. 


Another interesting cloud-based digital signage software that you can never believe will allow some free services is Viewneo. This software solution is suitable for companies of all shapes and sizes. Despite this, it guarantees 30 days of a free trial for new customers. 

During the trials, you are free to create an account, log in and enjoy all the services including, a content designer, a media and template library, automatic file conversation, live tracker, social media integration, and playlist manager.


For customer experience and interaction, Viewneo could be the best option. 


Only cheap on trials. 


It is a cloud-based digital signage solution with features for content design, analytic, and scheduling. With the tool’s free plan, you can create and display content for free for 30 days.


You can use the tools to drag and drop interactive content such as images and videos to where you would want them to be. In addition, you can display content on multiple devices to reach many audiences at the same time. This can be done using a player tool that runs on Chrome OS, Androids, and Windows. Even more to that, you can schedule time on when you want to run the content. 


There are limitations on storage (80 MB) as well as file size upload and conversion when using the tool-free plan.

Besides, the tool lacks auto-alignment of images, 3D templates, and undo function.


Indigo is digital signage free digital software that is great for any business size. Combining stunning graphics with a deep understanding of color psychology and human behavior they create an entirely new level of employee engagement.


It is an easy way to engage your target audience with graphical, videos, and textual messages. 

Final Thought

Digital signage is a very crucial part of your marketing plans and communicating with the clients. A free software services option means that you can go digital even in your small business. However, you have to note that most of them only offer some free services during trials. After that, you will have to be subscribing. So the advice is, buy one only when you are ready for it.

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