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5 Things To Do When Locked Out Of Online Accounts

Locking yourself out of an online account due to forgetting a password can be a real annoyance. Whether you have totally forgotten the password or your account is at risk due to too many incorrect attempts, you will need to recover it to guarantee its safety. This is especially the case if it is your email and you need access as soon as possible. 

If you are stuck and locked out of your online account, here are five things to do.

Don’t Panic

If you find yourself locked out of your account, never panic. You will get too worked up and could make the situation worse. Take a breath. The big platforms all have steps in place to deal with this very situation. They have the best online safety tips in place, so don’t worry yourself too much. While their relentless data-gathering is worrying, it does mean they know the devices and locations you usually log in from, which can help your case.

Double-check and triple-check you are entering your credentials properly. It sounds obvious but typos happen to the best of us. Most password fields have a toggle switch to make the text you’re entering visible, rather than hiding it behind asterisks, so switch this on to check that your password is the right one.

Hire A Hacker

A hacker in this sense means someone who can help you get into your account. Let’s say you cannot log in to your Facebook account. You can hire a Facebook hacker to help you recover a locked account. These experts will help you recover your password and access a locked Facebook account. You will need to give them some personal details and suggestions for how the account could have been locked. Then, it will take them up to 24 hours to gain access and unlock the account. 

After unlocking the account, you must make sure to set a new password and put security measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

Try A Password Reset

If you want to try it yourself, the safest option is a password reset. With password reset options, you can change your password by handing over your email. Then through your email, you can set a new password to access your account. Unless someone has gained access to your account and changed the registered email address, you should be back inside your app in minutes. If the email address has changed or you still cannot access your account, you will need expert help.

If an email reset isn’t an option, then you’ll typically have to contact the platform support team directly and use a different method to get back in, such as answering questions about the account or identifying the devices you usually log in from. This is why it’s always a good idea to set up several account recovery options ahead of time.

Check For Updates

Sometimes apps and accounts can be locked if they need updating or a new and safer password. Check for these updates as this may be the reason you are having trouble getting into your account.

Once you have got back into the account and confirmed there are no unwanted email forwarding rules in place, change the passwords on all accounts which have the same password as the hacked account. Then change the passwords for all the other accounts that send password reminders/resets to the hacked account.

Call The Fraud Line

If you believe your account has been hacked, you should alert the platform and action fraud. Here, you can detail the issue and make them aware that your account has been compromised. They will lock your account and ensure no more information can be taken or compromised. From there, they will help you recover your account and help you set up a securer account.

The next time you find yourself locked out on an online account, whether it’s an email or social media account, have patience and take the correct action. If you attempt to log in yourself and tamper with the system, you may compromise your safety. Instead, ask for expert help and ensure you report it if you believe you have been hacked. It may be as simple as a password reset or the need to update an app. Have patience and don’t panic, because panic will not solve anything. Always ensure to set up extra security methods such as two-factor authentication to prevent hackers and future issues.

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