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6 Signs You Should Go Freelance

Freelancing is rapidly growing into a very real and lucrative career. With today’s advanced technology, computers, software, and communication platforms it’s never been easier to drop the 9-5 and start working from home.

Many people think about the idea of freelancing but become quickly concerned about the risk of leaving their trusty monthly salary and added benefits. It used to be that people who went alone or started their own business were considered “risk-takers” and maybe back then they were because the business landscape wasn’t designed for them.

Now, that has all changed. The modern business landscape not only makes freelancing easy but it also makes it relatively risk-free. Here are 6 signs that you are ready to go freelance and start working for yourself.

1. You Hate Your Job but are Great at What You Do

It’s normal to feel undervalued in modern business. Competition is rife and it seems like no matter how you perform the ladder is incredibly slow to climb and mass-layoffs are becoming increasingly common. Plus you have all the company politics that makes it even tougher.

Freelancers are generally people with talent, skills and who work hard but have decided they want their fair share. You can have it too. With the right mindset, tools and hard work you can easily start to cultivate your own business working with clients you love and working on projects you’re passionate about.

That may seem like a pipedream but it’s actually really easy to achieve. Do you spend your days doing your best work? Does your boss love your work? Do your clients appreciate you? But do you never seem to move up in the business? Maybe it’s time to go alone and earn your rightful slice of the cake.

2. You Can Throw Your Hand To Anything

Freelancers aren’t just skilled in their main craft, they know how to do a bit of everything. Accounts, operations, marketing, sales, and client handling are all aspects of the business that freelancers can do. If they can’t then they learn how.

Once you become your own boss and start handling your own projects you have to do all the other work too. But don’t worry, you can organize them how you want to make it the most efficient for you. When you are counting up your own money that you’ve earned directly from clients it doesn’t feel like work either.

Once successful and the money is flowing you could even opt to outsource any parts of the business you don’t enjoy to other talented freelancers. If you simply can’t handle looking at your balance sheet, pay someone to do it for you so you can stay focused on the core business.

3. You Crave a Work/Life Balance

Do you spend all your time at work sitting in a stuffy office full of other people and their drama just wishing you could have your own space and time to do other things?

When you go freelance you can decide on your own work schedule. If you’re a morning person you could decide that your mornings are for exercise, walks in nature or spending time with your family. Then you can get to work in the afternoon and evening when the kids are in bed and all you usually do anyway is watch Netflix on the sofa.v

Freelancing gives you the unique opportunity to create a wonderful work-life balance. It allows you to create time for more important and enjoyable things in life.

4. Uncertainty and Instability Don’t Faze You

To be a successful freelancer you need to accept that it has its ups and downs. There are many benefits to be had but it doesn’t come without some issues. Uncertainty over your next paycheck is the big one. A rule of thumb for anyone wanting to fo freelance is to make sure you have some savings in the bank first.

There will be times where you have no work and you feel an incredible sense of instability. Freelancers can handle this, they think positively, they learn in their downtimes, they enhance their skills and they pull through the tough times. If this scares you, it’s best to stay in the office.

For those willing to struggle with uncertainty and instability, the rewards can be extremely handsome. The key to a successful freelancer is consistency and hard work no matter the situation.

5. You’re Great with Time Management

Do you frequently get annoyed at other people when they are late for meetings or social events? Are you always on time or early for everything? If so, then you probably have what it takes to be a freelancer. 

Freelancers must have outstanding time management. Without it, your work can quickly dry up if you keep submitting work late and fail to turn up for important calls. It’s important that freelancers develop a solid work schedule they can keep too and that keeps them on track with their various projects.

When you’re late for your own business you feel the repercussions much harder than if you work in an office with a disgruntled manager to cover you.

6. You’re a Lone Wolf

To be a freelancer you have to enjoy working in solitude. It’s no surprise that many successful freelancers are also introverts. They enjoy being in their own space on their own time and don’t mind not speaking to others for hours at a time. 

If you enjoy your own company you can thrive as a freelancer with just your computer and coffee machine for company. It’s still important to continue to network both online and offline. 

Today, more than 50% of web traffic is bots so it’s best to get out there into the real world and make some real-life connections. There are thousands of public workspaces dotted around major cities for you to use and meet new people.

Taking advantage of workspaces is also a great way to network for your business. It’s likely you will meet other freelancers that can either assist you with your work or could even be a potential client. Worse comes to worst you get a great cup of coffee and change of scenery. 

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