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Bringing Justice Closer To The Victims

Everyone can remember the first time they were the victim of a crime. It could have been something small as having your clothing robbed while our shopping. It might have been something that happened in your childhood such as a gang of youths stealing your bike. It might also have been when your home was broken into. Regardless of how large or small the crime was, it really does make you question the world. As a citizen who makes an effort to obey all the rules and keep on the right side of the law, it can be disheartening to witness injustices be done. Thankfully, there are many things that your local law office can do for you. Law businesses such as attorneys and lawyers all have access to some brilliant technology and new techniques they can use, to bring justice closer to the victim. It’s a bit of an anti-climax when after months of investigation and emotional trauma, the victim is brought in to hear the court sentence. Far better to involve them on the journey to that verdict and potential conviction.

Involved in court tactics

The overwhelming majority of people have no clue as to how courts work. They don’t know the basic system itself, and they certainly are not aware of the tactics that are used in court by both sides. The prosecutor has the tough job rather than the defendant because the premise of all justice is, innocent until proven guilty. Therefore to involve the victim could show them how you are working for their best interests. Some things might seem odd but if you explain to them that what you’re doing is to anticipate moves of the other side, they will understand your motives. For example, it’s better to choose a court date that is months away rather than weeks because this gives the other side a time to listen. Your side as the prosecutor can choose what evidence to keep secret until the cross examination or inform the other side. Of course they will put up a front, but if you can give them little pieces of evidence against their case, and allow them to mull it over time, the defendant usually changes their plea from not guilty to guilty.

Keep them updated

Managing victims across your legal practice is something that has become the norm. This means that victims that have hired you will and can be updated at their homes without a need to come into your office. This saves a lot of time that could be better utilized to their advantage. Take for example this criminal case management, where you can contact the victims via a victim management tool, and also keep them updated about restitution and hold an active correspondence with them. They are updated about any verdict and how you will enact it, such as compensation from the guilty party, but also be aware of their emotional state.

It’s never been more important to show the public how important law and order is. Justice needs to be understood and not just given. Use modern techniques of involving your clients about your tactics in court with a software tool.

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