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Business Safety Is Paramount

The terms “cyber-attack” and “cybercrime” have entered the daily vocabulary of large and small businesses in recent years, as a result of the increasing number and scope of incidents.

In fact, relevant studies that have been carried out give a clearer picture regarding the extent of the problem. For example, a recent Ponemon Institute survey of 665 information security experts found that 54% of participating companies were hit by a successful cyber attack, with the average cost for large companies amounting to $5 million or $301 dollars per employee.

Let us now look at some important steps for comprehensive protection:

The most basic of all protection measures is a reliable antivirus program capable of scanning your computer and detecting the infection in real time. These programs are designed to boot at boot time of the operating system and remain as a process in memory so that at any time they are able to detect any malware. Even with an industrial pc you should be sure it is safe.

Properly setting up a firewall is an equally basic protection measure. Its function concerns the regulation of data traffic between two networks. The common mistake that is made is to accept all connections except those that the user prohibits, when in fact its proper operation is achieved by prohibiting all connections except those that the user allows.

The pop-up windows appear above the website you are visiting. Most pop-ups are created by advertisers, but they are not likely to contain malware and cause you problems. It is therefore advisable to block such pop-ups.

It is very common to install applications from the Internet without knowing their origin. This carries many risks, most notably the invasion of malicious accounting on our computer as these are applications whose origin has not been identified and therefore their reliability. 

A very common means of spreading malware is emails. Many would-be hackers send installed viruses as attachments, causing the virus to enter the system as soon as the user opens the file, causing extensive damage. We therefore suggest that if you do not open an email from an unknown sender and if you come across an email of dubious origin delete it immediately.

A good VPN is your friend

Your first real tool in the battle of privacy is the virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is an encrypted connection that allows you to connect to a network over the Internet in a way that treats your connection as if you belonged to that local area network (LAN). A VPN is really useful for companies, as employees have access to shared disks, printers and more. It is also a great tool for personal data protection. When choosing a VPN, look for VPNs that do not record traffic and do not hold or sell data. In general, all VPNs should respond to requests from law enforcement. However, a VPN provider that does not maintain logs will not have much to show when the authorities check.

Don’t risk a breach of data and the loss of thousands; but instead look towards simple solutions that will certainly allow you to protect your company and the jobs within it. 

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