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Challenges IT Teams Face Every Day

IT, and the teams who help support the business through information technology, plus everything that comes with it, generally face some challenges occasionally. And that’s before they even read a ticket. Receiving tickets daily for the team to complete, is part and parcel of the job. But there are additional challenges that they need to face to overcome and be able to provide the best service for the business they work for. Supporting the business with their IT needs is a career that many love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any real challenges that can make the day more difficult. So here are some of those challenges for you to understand while your IT support team may need a little extra time occasionally.

Amount of tickets

Tickets raised for an IT team, are the bread-and-butter of their workload, tickets can be raised from somebody’s power supply not working, to an issue with the mesh network that has just been implemented. The IT department will have to deal with all changes in software, set up equipment for new staff, and deal with any IT challenge that becomes apparent every day. The amount of work that comes in is generally unpredictable, so if you hear the IT manager become a little frustrated by the amount of work. This isn’t because they dislike their work, it’s because the amount of work coming in can sometimes feel really significant. So you may hear the odd grumble from the IT team, that will make you realise how often tickets are raised. It may also make you consider whether your issue could be dealt with differently.

User error

In addition to the number of tickets that are raised, there are a large proportion of cards that are increased due to user error. This is, of course, a training issue, since if staff don’t know how to use the equipment, there is given, then that’s the issue, rather than an IT problem. Many people are becoming wise to the fact that they can deal with many IT issues themselves, and trying their best, but occasionally the team find the easy way out and ask the IT department to look at a simple problem. This is, of course, something that can be dealt with, but you won’t always completely eliminate user error.

Coffee supplies

Due to the vast amount of work that the IT department in any business receives, there is an enormous amount of coffee usually consumed in the office. This can, of course, pose problems if you run out. It would help if you had an IT department firing on all cylinders, to ensure that the inner workings of the business are kept steady. Downtime in any business is undesirable obviously, so this is why it’s essential to prevent these issues as much as possible.

Communication is critical, and IT helps in a big way when it comes to communication. So not wasting the IT teams time, and ensuring that preventable challenges are actually prevented, will help any business in the long run.

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