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Creating The Best Website Possible

People always assume you need a website because you have a business. But this isn’t always the case. You could have a blog, a information site etc. But whatever the reason is for owning a website, you need to make sure you’re building it with the same principle in mind. You want to attract the user in, and keep them interested by whatever is on your website. This can only be done if it is high quality, and the content you’re writing about is interesting. But when you first create your website you might not know what is needed to make sure it is a good quality website. If you’ve designed a blog, then the chances are that you’ve built it yourself using wordpress, which is fine, but we know there’s going to be a few things you need to change. To highlight some of the main features a website should have, no matter what it is for, we’ve listed a few points that we know will come in handy.


This is one of the first things you need to be thinking about. As soon as your user enters the website they need everything to be clear and precise. If your layout is all over the shop it’ll get confusing, and will ultimately put people off using your website. Try and keep things as simplistic as possible with this. The simpler it is, the more navigable it is going to be. There are coding techniques to use that now make things so much easier. CSS can be used to create things such as clean, precise tables as well as other features of the website. Infact, a lot of the website can be programmed through CSS. Here’s an intro to web design with FlexBox CSS. If you’re a website selling goods, then you really need to make sure the layout of the payment process is as simplistic as possible. So many companies out there overcomplicate it for absolutely no reason. Have a simple personal details section, followed by the billing address, followed by the card details. Don’t ask people to create a user before purchasing the goods, let them have the option. When people aren’t forced into it it’ll often make them more inclined to actually create a user.

Colour Scheme

Colours are going to play a big part in your website. If you’re a blog, you’ve got more freedom to be a little more creative and colourful without looking too over the top. If you’re a business, people seem to prefer to be looking at a more simplistic colouring style. It is often seen as unprofessional if there’s bright colours all over a business webpage. Keep it neutral and keep people happy. But don’t be afraid to add in a little bit of colour to jazz it up a little. Just don’t go all bright and in your face. With blogging, the more unique your header is the better. There are some really cool designs floating around at the minute that involve watercolour pieces. It is delicate, yet effective.

Professional Help

Designing a blog by yourself is really easy. The platforms that are available to you do become pretty self explanatory, but there are also plenty of guides on the internet that will help you out. When it comes to designing a company website things get a little bit harder. There’s more intricate parts to the website and you’re going to be under a lot of scrutiny about quality. Plus, designing your own website when you aren’t using platforms like WordPress is incredibly hard if you don’t know coding. This is where the help of a professional is going to come into play. All you need to have is a vision of what you want and they’ll create it for you. Just make sure you’re picking someone who is trusted and who will get the job done in the timeframe you need it done within.

Take Inspiration

Sometimes you will just draw up blanks on what you actually want your website to look at. But there really isn’t anything wrong with taking inspiration from other websites that you like the look of. Whatever you do, make sure you’re not straight up copying. You’ll face a copyright legal battle if the website you’ve stole was protected. But at the very least you’ll face people knowing they’ve seen the design somewhere before. But take little hints from different websites and put them together to make your own. For example, you could really like the layout of one website, and love the ordering process of another. Just make them your own and you’ll be fine.

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