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Essential Tips For Starting Photography

Photography might just be one of the most enjoyable pastimes possible. And the fact is most of us have a perfect little camera in our pockets, or in our bags at all times.

Many of us start taking photos first with our phone cameras.

But it doesn’t take much do you want to ditch the phone camera and move on to a DSLR.

The technical barriers for photography have been reduced dramatically in previous years. But there are still some essentials that every person who is learning photography has to start with.


There are so many free online outlets that can give you detailed tips and tricks for photography. There are some loose rules; however, once you know them and you understand them, you’re free to break them in anywhere you choose. Once you learn the rules you have more creative control of how and where you bend and snap them. 

But don’t let these prevent you from picking up a camera. Learn as you go and experiment don’t be afraid.

Focus First then Frame

There is nothing worse than sitting at home and going through your photos only to find that they are blurry and unusable. Sometimes a blurry picture that’s not quite framed in the right way can be saved, but this may take some editing. Always aim to focus properly first, then expose, and then adjust the frame. 

However, if you work or enjoy more high-speed photography like sports, you’re going to have to be able to do this much quicker. You might often find that it happens more when you have extreme lights and darks in the same scene too.


When you look at the photo of an animal or human, you are automatically drawn to the eyes. The eyes are a natural focal point, so while you are taking any portrait photography, at any aperture at all, make sure the focus is entirely on the eye. As long as the eyes are in focus, anybody who looks at the photo will believe that it was intended to be that way.


Editing is space that you can be very creative in. But many people forget to straighten and cross. It’s not always easy to try and crop directly through the camera viewfinder before you capture an image; however, you can do it later during editing.


The joy of photography gives you much room for experimentation. From the lens that you use, and how you use it to wear and what do you photograph. Many people find that they enjoy using drones. So if that sounds like something to you, you can check out more information. There are many editing software for photographs that can make something look extraordinary. 

However, there is a lot to be said about catching the photo that you first saw, and using editing to enhance it rather than drastically change it.


More on eyes, many people close one eye while they are taking a photo through the rangefinder. Stop. When shooting portraits, you need to look with both of your eyes. Many people can feel quite at ease when you’re hiding behind a camera. And keeping both eyes open will let you monitor what truly is happening between you and the frame and the subject. 

Closing and focusing with one eye, as you know, can change where you perceive something is. Keep both eyes open.

Photograph Things You Love

It is easy to be inspired and get carried away by someone else’s photography style. However, that might not be for you. Try only to photograph things that you truly enjoy taking pictures off. This will keep you interested in photography for much longer and help you overcome learning obstacles. 
Take your time to understand all of the different possibilities that your camera has. Research the lenses, understand the Kelvin temperature chart, but no the most DSLRs have perfect auto functions that can help you learn and still take great photos.

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