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Five Tips To Improve Your Brand Reputation With Technology

Technology has completely changed many parts of marketing, especially the way that brand reputation is built. Digital advertising and artificial intelligence, for example, have become tools in reputation building. 

Technology can be used by your competitors to tarnish the reputation of your brand online. A sizable amount of your time and marketing budget should be invested in making technology work for you, by making your tech products with cutting edge, quality hardware (find electronic components here, to the way you use the internet. Reputation can help you to secure investors and more customers.

  1. Build a top-shelf website. Technology means that most people now own a smartphone and can access the internet. Your website is the face of your brand online, so a large part of your online reputation depends on how that website looks. Improve your user interface to help site visitors navigate around. Make sure the site is optimized for mobile. Use the site to promote the right kind of content, using strong keywords, to reach the right people. Make your website more visible by marketing it on social media. 
  2. Use chatbots to boost customer service. Your customers need to get the best online shopping experience, both for your reputation and to increase the number of conversions. If a site visitor can’t find what they need fast, they’re going to leave the site and might give you a negative review. A chatbot that runs on your website can help your customers in finding what they want, and answer frequently asked questions. This kind of service makes the customer feel more appreciated, encouraging them to spend more time and money on your site. 
  3. Leverage social influencers. Thanks to technology, it’s easy to reach potential customers through sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Remember that your competitors and malicious reviewers are on these platforms too. Build a community of influencers to help you drown out the negative reviews that people might have shared. Instead, create content that is engaging and informative, and promote it through social media influencers to correct any misinformation that may be out there. 
  4. Use quality hardware. If you create technology products, you need to use quality hardware in the build. Everything from the electrical components inside the item, to what the exterior is made of matter. Poor quality hardware makes for poor products that don’t last and will give you a poor reputation. Quality products encourage repeat customers and a brand people see as top quality.  
  5. Leverage voice search. Online voice search has become very popular, as more and more online tasks shift to mobile. If you can adapt your web content to voice searches, your chances of getting more traffic and building a positive reputation for your brand online will grow enormously. Voice search works a little differently to classic SEO, so you can also use this to get ahead of the competition who might be doing this yet. If you’re unsure how to optimize for voice search, hire an SEO expert to help you get it right.
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