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Four Technologies That’ll Help Your Company Go Green

If there is one thing that businesses around the globe are noticing, it’s the effects of global warming. Global warming doesn’t just have an affect on the planet, it has a targeted affect on the individuals living on it, including businesses. Business owners are finally stepping up and making decisions about their company that allow them to do everything in their power to solve the problems that arise from global warming. The biggest thing that any company can do is invest in technology that can make their business more sustainable.

Some of these include things like cloud storage, which can make telecommuting easy as well as reduce the need for huge energy-sucking server rooms in businesses. Others include oil water separator technologies for farming and water companies. Implementing the right initiatives for your business means researching said initiatives first, and some of these you can find below:

Rainwater Tanks

Your business will need clean water to be able to function; you have a duty to your staff and to yourself, but the water supply isn’t cheap. The energy that water companies use comes from fossil fuels, but as a business you could choose to invest in rainwater tanks, instead. This can harvest the rainwater and you can then have the tanks plumbed directly into your business, allowing the natural rainwater to assist in flushing and hand-washing practices.

Solar & Wind Power

Many farms and agricultural businesses have been paid to have a large windmill on their land, so why not invest a little and have a wind farm power your business? The natural energy that is created through wind and solar power can help to keep your business running, and as they are clean and renewable sources of energy, you are giving back to the planet.

Remote Working

Okay, so not a technology in itself, but the communication that is now enhanced by technology allows people to work from home, reduce their commute and be kinder to the ecosystem. Virtual meeting software now allows people to video chat from anywhere, reducing the need for people to jet around the globe for a meeting or two. Limiting air travel in your business is going to help it to go a long way to being greener.


You may not know this, but your lighting in your office can actually total up to 20% of the energy consumption of your company. So many companies leave lights on through the night and this is only going to be bad for your budget as well as the planet. Start switching off what you aren’t using; there’s no need for the lights to be on at any level if no one is there to use them. Switch to LED bulbs, too, so that you can use lights that are more efficient.

Your business can be part of the solution and not the problem, you just have to step into 2018 and join everyone else who is turning to more ethical solutions for their company.

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