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From Retail To Product Manufacture – The Safe Path

If you’ve been running an online retail store or estore for a while, you’ve probably spent a fair bit of time and money making sure it’s secure. You’ve also probably worked your backside off trying to get any share of the market in this saturated world of online sales. If you’ve got great marketing skills, then you might be thinking about where your next product line is coming from. You understand your customer base, and you know what they’re looking for. So where can you find it?

Invent It

Tech savvy entrepreneurs know that new innovations and gadgets can create entirely new markets. If you’re struggling to be heard (or found), then maybe it’s time you thought about creating the products you know your customers will love. You can guarantee your own quality. You’ll know the product inside out. You’re perfectly placed to undertake all the research and development. So what’s stopping you?

The Idea

Creative people often have dozens of good ideas. What you need to do is narrow that down to the one great idea you can develop and turn into a real-life product. Be wary of how you do this. You need to make sure you’re offline, or you’re on a secure intranet or network. The last thing you want is someone stealing your ideas. Worse still, they might wait until you’ve done all the development first!

The Tech and Support You Need

Next, you need some third party support you can trust. Just getting your printed circuit boards designed is going to take time and a good CAD system that’s secure. If you look at websites like, you can find out more about how the big companies tackle this in their R&D stages. As a smaller enterprise, you might be slower too. You need the time and the tools to refine your product ideas and create the tech that will work.

Getting Ready To Test

Testing is another phase of manufacture that can be high-risk if left unsecured. You should also integrate some marketing tests at the same time to check customers actually understand what your product is about. Think about your POS and consider where social media campaigns can work to generate hype and excitement. Focus groups are best here, but if your testing circuits and networks, you need to monitor your equipment and outputs.


Before the big day, you are going to have to release some newsworthy PR about your new product. There is no hiding it now. Of course, once it is announced, it is technically safe. However, you need to be absolutely certain it’s not vulnerable. Hackers can and will get into any connected system, especially if you’re planning to profit from what you’ve built! Make sure there are fail safes against any direct invasion too. You can’t afford for your new product to become dangerous in any way.

Security is a big deal in product development. Make sure you can close the gates on any vulnerabilities. So what’s your big idea?

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