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Getting Technophobes Into Tech: How It Can Enhance Your Life

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that technology is a good thing. If there’s someone in your life who thinks that the world’s moving a bit too fast for their liking and who won’t stop complaining about it, here are a few things to point out…


There’s very little that’s helping the world more than the huge advances in medicine that technology is enabling scientists to make. Aside from crucial breakthroughs in drugs that treat diseases ranging from cancer to HIV, technology is also helping the daily runnings of the medical services, from the ways that doctors can check for patients’ vital signs to the ways that doctors’ surgeries are being run. Being able to make an appointment and order your prescriptions online can be a serious help for anyone who might find it hard to use phones and who need to access medicine and healthcare. There are also huge strides being made in the way that people can be treated for conditions like brain injuries and strokes – new treatments and therapies are being developed all the time that make huge differences to people’s lives. Finally, surgeries are being done by machines more and moreso these days – keyhole surgeries can help to dramatically cut down the amount of time that people need to recover from having surgery and can also cut down on human errors that are made.


Pretty much every major city’s transport hub relies on technology, whether that’s passing messages from station to station about track closures on metros and undergrounds, putting out announcements about lost children over loudspeakers, or much more futuristic ideas that are being developed with high speed railways and self-driving cars. Not only does technology used in the world of travel make it a whole lot more convenient for people in their everyday lives with it comes to high speed travel and commuting, but self driving cars are also extremely safe and will mean that car crashes because of driver error will be at an absolute minimum – the future looks bright and a whole lot more safe.


The future of industry is a lot more exciting because of the progress that’s being made in the world of technology. This generation have jobs that their parents could never have dreamed would exist – and they’re forging excellent and important careers out of them as well. Knowing how to code is one of the best things that any young person can learn, so it’s important that their parents, even if they don’t totally understand the tech industry, supports the young people in their family to learn about and to understand computers and tech. It’s much easier to start a business than it ever has been before, thanks to the internet – you can work remotely easily which means that you can work flexibly. This is great not only for young people but also for those with families – and for people trying to break into their chosen industries who aren’t able to afford to live near a big city. Being able to work with just a laptop and a steady internet connection means that the world of work is starting to open up and become a lot more accessible.


Advances in technology are enabling teachers to deliver lessons that are interesting and fun, which in turn motivates students and encourages them to learn. Devices like interactive whiteboards mean that you can show movies in class, which is extremely helpful in subjects like English and History, and they also mean that students can come up and interact with what a teacher has drawn on the board – although this could also happen with chalk boards and white boards, interactive whiteboards mean that large shapes can be moved around and students are much more interested in what’s happening. Technology can also enable schools to run more smoothly – registration systems that run throughout an entire school mean that teachers can see whether their students should be in their classes or not, meaning that if there’s an emergency it’s easier to account for all the students.


The world of entertainment has been dramatically changed by the advent of technology. Youtubers and vloggers have become some of the most popular and famous people around – they’re the ones who are influencing young people as well as actors and pop stars. One of the best thing about vloggers is that they’re able to create their own platforms, meaning that really great content can get its voice heard when it otherwise might not be able to. It can be very difficult for people to break into the mainstream media these days, but YouTube as a platform is getting bigger and bigger – a lot of people watch less TV and fewer movies, choosing to watch content that has been created by people online instead. This means that brands are starting to think about completely new and exciting ways of advertising. Other forms of entertainment have also been revolutionised with transformative tech – we have better speakers, we have better screens, and it’s also possible to immerse ourselves in the virtual reality systems that everyone will be using to game in the future.


When something terrible happens, the world goes into mourning, and technology can help us connect to people on social media sites who feel the same way that we do – who are mourning for Bowie, who are afraid for loved ones after terrorist attacks, who want to get more and more involved in politics as so many people are doing these days. Not only can technology provide emotional support for us but it can also be a valuable source of information – a lot of the time, traditional news sources are behind Twitter and social media with what they’re saying. Finally, social media makes it easier for us to donate for charity with sites like JustGiving – it’s a lot easier to put money towards a disaster relief fund with your credit card online than it was in the old days when you had to send money off to charity instead.

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