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Go, Gadget Go! (5 Gadgets That Will Get You More Tooled Up Than The Inspector Himself!)

Whether it’s for work or play, gadgets have become a massive part of our lives. Of course, it can seem as if so many come out, so often that it’s almost impossible to stay on top of everything. Luckily, we have that sorted for you. In fact, all you need do to emulate that legendary hero that is inspector G is read on. 


First off, if you want to get tooled up in the tech department, one thing that you have to consider investing in is a tablet. Of course, the market is the iPad Pro, which is the latest iteration of the very popular Apple tablet.

What separates the Ipad pro from their predecessors is that they are the thinnest and lightest model yet. They also have edge to edge screen and a pretty sweet Liquid Retina display too. However, the best thing by far is the fabulous Apple Pencil 2 that you can get to go with it. This being a device that allows you to use your iPad as a drawing screen. In fact, if you had to come up with a mugshot of an evil supervillain inspector G style, it would be the perfect device!

Of course, there are other options if the Apple Ipad Pro is out of your price range. One to consider is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 as it comes with not only a compatible pen but a keyboard as well. Something that gives it a more 2 in 1 feel.  Although, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 with its 8th-generation Intel Core and its 2,736 x 1,824 PixelSense display is also another popular option.

Fitness trackers

The next gadget to consider is a fitness tracker wearable, of which there are many to choose from. The good news is that there are options for nearly every budget, with unbranded versions going for as little as 30 on Amazon and other sites online.

Just like with anything else in this world, you get what you pay for when it comes to fitness trackers. What this means is investing a little extra in some of the best-known brands is never a bad idea.

Obviously, one of the best-known devices that has fitness tracking capabilities is the apple watch. Although there are some other brands and models that are pretty sleek and effective too.

In particular, Fitbits’ latest offering, the Versa is a great tracker with watch capabilities to try out.

The reason for this being that it monitors heart rate, and steps, and allows you to take calls and tracks your sleep as well. Something that is of course hugely important for staying in peak physical condition to rundown bad guys!


Whether you use it to collate your case files, or research bad guys getting the right laptop for your needs is crucial. In fact, choosing the correct machine can be something of a conundrum! Especially with so many brands, offers, styles, and technical specifications on offer.

Of course, the best thing here is to identify what you will be using your laptop for. For example, some folks will primarily be using it for watching media, while the other will be playing online games. Still others like the inspector himself, will want them for work tasks and so will require a different type of spec.

The next task is to consider how much you want to spend on a laptop. Something that varies wildly because it’s such a massive market. In fact, Apple or Alienware machines, used for creative pursuits and gaming respectfully tend towards the top of the market on price. Although they are often well beyond the capability that many people need.

In fact, if you can, it’s always best to set a budget for your laptop purchase early on and shop around for the best deal you can find. It can even be worth your while to research the best time of the year to buy a laptop, as shopping in the post-Christmas sales can often get you a hefty discount. One that means you can buy the next laptop specification up if you so choose.

Home hubs

I wonder what inspector gadget would have thought about home hubs? I reckon he would have liked them. After all, they can be used to control the basic functionality of your home and hitched up to your smart security system as well. Something that he would have found really useful for keeping Dr Claw and his MAD agents out of his base. 
You may not be aware of it, but there are so many home hubs to choose from too. It’s not just the Alexa or Google Home versions. In fact, there is the Vivint Smart Home, Almond 3, Samsung SmartThings and even the Wink Hub 2.

Of course, the key thing to look out for hear is compatibility. The reason being that not all hubs work with all smart devices, such a Hue lights, Nest home, or Google assistant! Something that could make a massive difference if you have already invested in these smart systems for your home.

Also, be sure to test the inference of the hub thoroughly before you buy. After all, once you have it, you are stuck with it. Therefore, if the interface doesn’t gel with the way you do things, you could be letting yourself in for a whole heap of frustration!


Lastly, one gadget that you absolutely cannot ignore is VR glasses like the PSVR, or Oculus Rift! Of course, these are mainly used for playing games and entertainment right now, but that isn’t necessarily what is in store in the future. In fact, over the next few years, its highly likely that you will see communications blossoming into the VR world. Something that will allow people to be in direct contact without leaving their location. 

Of course, until then you will have to make do with crime-busting games, and simulations like London Heist that will help to train you up to an inspector G level. Who knows maybe one day there will actually be a full Inspector Gadget experience playable on VR! Go, gadget go, indeed! 

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