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How To Create More Value Through Your Website

People are far more likely to visit your website if it provides some kind of value to them. Whether you’re a blogger with a story to tell or a business that wants to sell more products, your website needs to create value in order for people to visit it. So what exactly can you do to create more value? How can you entice people to come to your website and feel like they’ve gained something from you?

Offer handy tools that can help your visitors

There are actually a number of great ways to create handy tools that can be used to help your visitors. For example, you can use a QR code API to develop a tool that allows them to quickly and easily create QR codes. This doesn’t sound like much for some websites, but if you’re hosting a blog with loads of web design and marketing tips then a simple QR code creator can be a convenient tool to have on your website.

Some tools may need to be created from scratch, but there are also simple ways to take features from other websites and incorporate them into your own. There might be some watermarks or advertising, but this is a decent tradeoff for adding interesting features to your website.

Make use of reactive design

These days, there are more smartphone internet users than desktop ones. It’s almost a 50-50 split, meaning that you need to create websites that are reactive and work for both desktop and mobile users. Doing this will greatly improve your website’s popularity and will make it extremely convenient for people that access your website on multiple different devices.

Reactive design is often enabled by default for most popular website building services, but you may need to fine-tune some settings to ensure an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device being used.

Always create alternatives to the media you use

A great way to offer more value to your customers is to always transcribe your media to different formats. For example, if you have a 30-minute video discussing business concepts, you need to realize that not everyone is going to have the time to watch the whole thing.

As an alternative, you should consider transcribing it to text so that people can read it on your blog, or even summarizing it with a blog post so people can skim through and get the gist of it. This is great for freeing up space on your website since you don’t need to host as much video and audio content, and it’s also convenient for people that frequently visit your website.

Have a blog where you can share your thoughts

Many people underestimate the power of a blog, even if you’re just a store selling products. It helps with search engine optimization, it allows people to engage with you and interact with your content, and it’s a great place to put guides to help customers with their products as well. You can create plenty of value through blog content, so focus on it as a priority.

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