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How to Make Your Employees Your First Arms Against Hackers

As it is with many businesses, your employees tend to be found on the front line in case of a cyber-attack. While the management often flatters themselves by thinking they know their business better than any, and who better to defend it than themselves, they’re often sadly mistaken; after all, they’re not always in front of their computers.

Give your business the gift of safety by understanding why it’s so important to start safeguarding it through your employees, making them your most trusted weapon of defense.

It will keep their personal details securely stored, as well, and make them a bit more web-savvy than they used to be.

Give them the tools

When you feel like the time has come to take your browsing safety more serious, you need to have the right training incorporated. A decent anti-virus software and firewalls are great stuff, but it doesn’t quite cut through the intricate ways cyber criminals try to get ahold of your company details. Start by reading up on the best tools for your company and have a look at for some discounted software to start you off on the right foot.

Hire a professional to teach them how to spot attempts at phishing, what a dodgy email might look like, as well as the early signs of when a computer might have been hacked.

The better their training is, the higher your chances are for keeping the criminals at bay. Keep it up and repeat at least once a year to make sure they stay up to date on the latest ways we can have our details stolen – and to ensure that it all sinks in, of course.

Point out a super user

If you ever introduce a new software to your business, it’s a good idea to let the early learners lead the rest. The same applies to cybersecurity; give a few of your best ones the responsibility of observing the others, reminding their co-workers to stay safe when browsing, and tell the employees to alert the super users if they see anything suspicious.

You’re not going to be around at all times to keep an eye on them, and peer-to-peer learning is usually more beneficial than the big brother-approach of management on constant inspection. Read more about the advantages of letting them lead each other in – and remember that it makes, even more, sense if your employees are of different generations.

Review their cyber knowledge

While nobody likes the idea of being reviewed, this one is purely meant to reinforce their learning – not to point fingers at anyone who has fallen behind. Challenge your team with a mock-attack from time to time and produce a monthly review. In the beginning, you might notice a few slip-ups; this is perfectly normal, and you don’t need to stress out on them quite yet.

Keep preaching cyber security and give a hint to one of the super users if you see that someone are less than up to date – with time, the whole team will be your strongest defense against any hackers. And they won’t even make it past the first click on a link – not with the vigorous training you’ve given them.

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