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Irresistible Gifts For Gadget Lovers

We all know someone who loves a good gadget and wants nothing more than to enjoy playing with them in the house or at work. As technology grows and improves over the years we get more and more amazing gadgets to play with and there are so many great options to add to our collection. Today we are taking a look at some of these gadgets and some of the best choices you can buy for a family member or friend this year.

Instax Camera

If you want to enjoy that #instagoals for yourself this year or you know someone who does, the Instax camera is the ULTIMATE trendy gift. The instax camera is a retro looking camera which comes in many colours and allows the user to take a print out pictures instantly. You’ll be able to produce adorable little polaroid pictures to hang on the wall or pin above your desk at work. It’s the ultimate gift for anyone who loves taking photos.


If you have a family member who loves nothing more than to read and create and browse in their spare time, an iPad can be a great gift as an alternative to reading paper books, sitting at their desktop, ot painting at the table. An iPad is an all-round great computing tool which is wonderful for anyone who wants to work and play on the go. As a side gift you could also get them a 2019 ipad air cover and a keyboard case which they can use when writing.

Wireless Sport Headphones

For anyone who loves to be outdoors and love to stay active, a great gift option could be some sport headphones which they can use and enjoy on the go. If they often go for runs and have been struggling without music, headphones like these can be exactly what they need to make them feel better. There are tonnes of options out there you can you take a look around and see which ones you think will suit your friend the best.

Philips Hue Lights

If your family member has a house and you want to give them a fun and useful gift this year, a great choice would be Philips Hue Lights. These lights can be awesome for the home because with an app on your phone, you can turn on any light in the house within seconds. This is useful if you get home late at night and don’t want to run around trying to find the light switches, and it can also be something which is useful if you forget to turn off your lights after you have set your alarm in the evening.

Amazon Echo

The amazon echo is one of the most fun home hubs you can buy. If you love to listen to music, listen to audiobooks and you sometimes need advice such as recipes and such while in the house, it can be a fun gadget to play with. The echo is a gadget which can be as fun or useful as you want it to be and this is a great choice for anyone who loves to play around with technology.

Raspberry Pi

A raspberry pi is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who is interested in computers and creating their own system. A raspberry pi is a tool which allows the user to make a computer from scratch using a basic operating system, and for the right person it can be a tool for creativity like no other. There are so many different elements and uses which can be utilised with a raspberry pi and it can be a fun gadget for the home or for work.


There are a lot of gadgets out there in the world which can be used for a number of uses, and if you love filmmaking, a quadcopter might just be the best gadget of all. A quadcopter is a small drone which can fly in the air and be controlled by a small remote. It is something which can be super handy to use and you can set up a camera on the bottom of it to catch some stunning footage. If you ever need a panning shot of a landscape or a beautiful long exposure shot, a quadcopter is the ideal thing for you to use.

Charger Pad

If you have device after device to charge every single day and it always feels like there is a web of cables around the house, a charger pad is the perfect solution. A charger pad needs to be plugged into the wall, however all you have to do is place your phone, tablet or watch on there and it will charge without the need to plug it in!


Who doesn’t love a good game now and again? If you have a family member or a friend who loves playing games, the PS4 has to be one of the best possible gadgets of all. A stellar game console, the PS4 will allow you to play a mix of racing, RPG, adventure and family games all in the comfort of your living room. You could choose to play something open world such as Assassins Creed Origins, something guides like Call of Duty, or a family game like LEGO Batman. The options are endless and giving this as a gift means that you will always have the ideal options for gifts in the future as new games come out!


For anyone who loves to cook and play around with food, the KitchenAid is the best accessory you can have in the kitchen. A KitchenAid has options to make bread, cakes, batters, grind foods, mix and more. It is a one stop kitchen tool and it can make life in the kitchen so much easier, and it comes in so many different colours that no matter what decor the recipient has in their home, you can find one to match their tastes and needs!

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