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Is Tech Changing Our World For The Better Or The Worst?

If you’re a tech nerd, then you probably love the changes that the latest technology has brought to the world. On the other hand, if you’re a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to new tech on the market, you could be worried about the constant changes. It’s difficult to say what the full impact tech is having on society. However, it’s certainly clear that the latest tech is changing the game completely in lots of exciting ways. Are all of these changes positive? Let’s find out.

Social Interactions 

It’s true to say that the way we interact socially has changed completely and this is definitely due to the new tech that we use in our professional and personal life. It’s far more common these days to interact with someone on a video call for the first time rather than in person. Now, this might be a blessing in disguise. After all, it meant that we were able to still keep in touch with people during the coronavirus pandemic. This was certainly a lifeline for people who lived by themselves, particularly when social distancing measures were introduced that everyone was expected to abide by. 

However, it’s also possible that this change to social interactions has brought some negative changes too. For instance, many psychologists are questioning whether reliance on technology will impact an individual’s ability to learn crucial skills and connect with people around them. There is even some debate as to whether the shift in focus on technology has played a part in the increased number of social conditions that are diagnosed annually. While this is a controversial topic, it’s worth keeping in mind, that the majority of communication is not vocal but rather body language. This is far more difficult to pick up on, even when using a video call. 

Even online interactions have changed over the past few years. Originally, multiplayer gaming occurred with a split-screen, sitting on the sofa with friends. These days, you’re more likely to connect with your friends online or even work together with strangers. 


Automation is not a new concept, but it’s quickly reaching the forefront of plans for the future of various industries. The first step towards automation was the industrial revolution but a lot has changed since then and technology has only become more advanced. Indeed, it’s possible these days for automated systems to fulfill the roles that used to be completed by individuals. For instance, invoices can be completed using the software in businesses rather than with the support of a professional accountant. Physical tasks can be completed using tech as well. These days, it’s very rare for a worker to have much physical input into the creation of a vehicle aside from pressing some buttons and pressing the right controls.

Indeed, the potential of automated processes is increasing rapidly and this is largely thanks to the development of machine learning. Put simply, machine learning is the process of software creating new pieces of software to fulfill roles and complete tasks. It’s a fascinating concept and one that is going to be a big part of the future of various industries. Indeed, researchers have claimed that machine learning is so advanced that there are algorithms at play that are impossible for the human mind to explore. Machine learning could provide numerous advancements in the future including the development of new vaccinations for diseases and cures for viruses that have been plaguing mankind for years. However, it could also bring countless challenges. 

For instance, advanced forms of automation will eventually result in various jobs that currently exist on the market becoming obsolete. That’s why many people are now claiming that we do need a universal living wage sooner rather than later. This does already exist in certain parts of the world but it’s now time to start thinking about introducing it on a far wider basis. 

Does Tech Damage Your Health? 

If you read the latest reports in the media it’s easy to understand why many people would assume that technology is damaging to your physical health. However, there’s limited evidence to suggest that this is, in fact, the case. When mobile phones were first introduced in the ’90s there was paranoia that they would cause brain tumors. Yet, there have been few research studies that have supported this theory. 

This is quite similar to the fears surrounding 5G technology. For the most part, these are conspiracy theories with no scientific proof. However, that doesn’t mean that our health isn’t impacted by the tech at all. This is far from the truth. Indeed, if you have technology in your room at night, then it can impact your sleeping patterns and dramatically change your energy levels. This is believed to be due to electromagnetic energy that is released from tech devices connected to the internet. These days, that includes virtually every tech device.

Keeping Connected

Finally, through tech, we can stay connected to everyone on a personal and professional level. This is true whether you are working remotely or in the office. However, that also leads to problems and the level of connectivity through technology has left us all vulnerable to dangers online. If you want to make sure you stay secure online you need to know how to use your mobile device safely. This should include downloading a VPN. With A VPN, you can keep the data that you transfer through different devices secure and protected regardless of whether this includes your personal or professional information. 

You should also make sure that you are securing your devices the right way. Passwords are a key element here. It’s easy to fall into the trap of setting a password that is too easy to guess. It’s vital that you take the security of your data seriously. If people can access the right data on you, then they can have a scary amount of power over your life. 

As you can see, technology is bringing both positive and negative changes to the world and society. It will be fascinating to see where tech takes us next and what the world will look like a few years further down the line. 

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