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Marketing Automation With SendPulse

SendPulse is a popular email service offering a wide range of features. It suits small and medium businesses the best. With the help of this service, you can send email, web push notifications and SMS, or you can use them all together.

Why did I start using SendPulse?

I looked for a service with the lowest prices and the most features available. I noticed SendPulse because they had free pricing plan which could be used by small businesses. Web push notifications are free forever and that is one of the reason that made me choose this service. Having read more about it, I realized that I can use the email sending service for free. They offer 15,000 emails monthly if your mailing list is not more than 2,500 subscribers. So, I started using SendPulse. I applied personalization, segmentation, used ready-made templates and created my own templates with the drag-and-drop editor. After sending every campaign, I monitored its statistics and it helped to optimize my work. A short time afterwards, my target audience grew and I realized that I needed to find ways and methods to automate my business, and I did it.

Why did I upgrade my tariff to a paid one?

When your business grows, you look for ways to automate your work as it is difficult to send personalized, segmented emails with the special offers for every subscriber. Besides, you can’t use email marketing as a tool for your business without triggered and transactional emails. To establish friendly relationships, you should send a welcome-email after the registration. If you’re engaged in e-commerce, you want to segment your subscribers according to their gender, place of residence or preferences. This data can be requested in the welcome email. After a user makes a purchase, a thanks-email is usually sent. You can send special offers and discounts for loyal customers at this time.

For this purpose, SendPulse has recently developed a new functionality – Automation 360.

Automation 360

As written on the site, Automation 360 is a flexible event-based automation flow. To cut a long story short, this functionality allows to perform advanced email marketing strategies in order to maintain relationships with the clients.

This is the interface of new functionality. As you can see, there are 7 elements to work with. With Automation 360, you can create series of messages taking into account different conditions, filters, actions, goals and personal information about your customers. Besides, you can make your communication multichannel by adding web push notifications and SMS to the series.

How do you create an automation?

There are 7 elements to use:

  • Email
  • Web push
  • SMS
  • Filter
  • Condition
  • Action
  • Goal

Let’s take a quick look at each of these elements.


It stands on the 1st place since you will mostly send emails. After dragging it to the working field, specify when it should be sent, create subject-line and template, and attach files if necessary. Then, click “Apply”.

Web push notification

You can send a web push only if a user allowed to receive them from your website. Web push is a good chance to raise conversions or to inform customers about sales, new arrivals, etc. If a user didn’t open your previous email, send them a web push notification. They are supported almost by all browsers and are convenient to get to know about important things.


SMS is another good way of informing people. You can use them to tell your customers about their shipping status, for example. Be sure that you have the phone numbers of all the subscribers.


Filter allows to send personalized and segmented emails according to conditions set. To use it, create and add variable, set condition and its value.
For example, filter your emails by gender. Thus, women and men will get only relevant content. Or, you have special offer for subscribers from different countries, you can also specify it.


Condition shows what happens next after the predefined action, the following actions depend on the condition. You react to these actions by sending emails, for example. It is shown below.


Action is what happens after following the condition or not. For example, if a subscriber didn’t open your email or didn’t follow the link, you can copy them to another mailing list to send a web push notification or a reactivation campaign.


Goal is the place where your series can stop. Set the goal to track the effectiveness of your work. You can either stop the series after reaching it or continue it. For example, if your goal is a purchase, you can send a thanks-email after it.

Automation 360 allows to track the conversions of the whole flow and of particular emails.

It is great functionality that will surely bring benefits to your business. SendPulse constantly develops new features to make email marketing easier and much more pleasant.


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