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Parenting 101: Making Forever Memories the Easy Way

Once you have children, photos become even more special to you than they were before. As a parent, you want to save all the memories of your child. From when they’re sleeping, suckling, when they first start to talk, or when they turn a year old, every moment is unique, exciting, and adorable, making it impossible to stop taking videos and photos.

The new digital world has provided us with a lot of potential in taking videos and photos and saving them. Through this platform, children of today’s generation will have a more clear sense of where they lived, what they did as children, and the people who were around them during their childhood compared to those of former generations.

Tips on How to Make Lasting Memories

Invest in a Hard Drive or Memory Card

Although hard drives and memory cards are becoming a bit obsolete, they are a great and easy way of storing memories. Most people still prefer this method because they are small and tangible, and you can gift them to your children. Nowadays, there are rugged hard drives that are water and fire resistant compared to the old kind that got corrupted with time.

Hard drives and memory cards offer a safe, free system and more personal feel when storing your photos because you can manage and upload your photos however you want through your computer.

Social Media Storage

Whatever you upload on the internet remains there forever because the internet never forgets. When you upload photos or videos on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, your blog, and Twitter, you can always retrieve them. As scary as this may sound, social media offers a good platform for you to store your baby’s picture. During special occasions in your child’s life, when you upload their photo, it can be downloaded, printed, and shared with ease. However, not all pictures are suitable to be posted on Social media.

Print your Photos

Printing photos of you and your children may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it never gets old. Printed images can easily be put into a photo album or displayed around your home by hanging them on the wall.

With printing, you can get creative and print photos on a coffee mug, a baby blanket, a DIY project, or on a poster. Making memories tangible makes them all the more special.

Save your Printed Photos

If you have photos in your album taken before the digital age, scan these photos, even though it is time-consuming, to secure them for the future.

Store Photos in the Cloud

 Most parents take photos using their smartphones, and the chances of losing all of them are high, especially with a toddler around. To avoid this, you can set up your smartphone in a way that all your photos will be backed up to a cloud automatically. A cloud storage system allows you to synchronize photos from various devices like your camera, computer, and phone, then share them with family and friends.

Backup cloud systems offer different plans. It is, therefore, necessary to determine the one that works for you according to the number of videos and photos you take monthly. Some of them include:

  • Amazon Cloud Drive: Allows you to access stored images from eight devices, an unlimited plan for everything with unlimited video and photo storage.
  • Apple iCloud: Offers an automatic free 5GB storage after you sign up, with the option to upgrade your plan once you exceed the storage limit.
  • Flickr: Allows users to upload, share photos, and give friends and family permission to organize the pictures at no cost.
  • Dropbox: It is a cloud storage system that allows synchronizing of files so that users can upload, save, and share photos with friends and family members easily. A free account offers 2GB with the option of upgrading at a fee or even sharing it with your spouse.
  • Google Photos: Google provides this video and photography storage and sharing service. The best part about this application is that it analyzes and organizes photos into groups like things, people, and places. It also sends you fun collages and videos it creates using images from a particular date. Google photos enable you to search for photos according to how you remember them, for example, the color of what you were wearing. These features have made it popular amongst most parents.

The following are steps to help you learn more about Google photo storage, how to get started, and stay organized.

  1. Create or sign in to your Google account.
  2. Sync everything on your smartphone or computer once you download the Google Photos App.
  3. Allow Google Photos to find all your photos on your computer.
  4. Ensure your settings are correct both on your smartphone and computer to get the most out of Google Photos.
  5. Follow phone and computer instructions.
  6. Ensure Google Photos on your phone is syncing and backing up with your Google Account.
  7. You can now confidently delete photos from your phone storage that have already been backed-up.

Use Multiple Options

Although there are many options to backup your photos, none of them is faultless. To be on the safe side, backup your photos on multiple options like two hard drives and memory cards, two cloud storage systems, or sharing your cloud storage albums like Google Photos ‘partner’ with others.

Burn Photos on DVDs and CDs

They are an easy and affordable back-up option. However, it is easy to lose or destroy photos, so consider another additional option.

Inform Friends and Family of your storage passwords and methods

Data experts are now recommending the addition of a memorandum to people’s wills on what action should be taken with their data in case of death; photos are no exception. Parents should appoint someone, whether a friend or family member, to be in charge of their children’s digital videos and pictures. Include the time frame and passwords for accounts before their expiry.

Bottom Line

Taking photos of children is the easiest way for parents to keep a record of their memories and show them to the kids when they are older. With the new digital methods of storing these photos like backing them up on Google photos, parents can now organize, edit photos and back them up on multiple platforms without worrying that they’ll get lost so that they can pass them onto their children.

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