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Smart Safety and Savvy Cyber Security for Your Small Business

When you started up your business you understood from the very beginning how important security is. So many businesses fail because they are hacked into or exposed by geniuses behind screens. Security can be the one essential thing that is letting your small business down, so it’s time to get to grips with it. Whether you’re a technological wizard or a technophobe, there are several security measures you need to have in place when you own a small business. This will prevent anything untoward from happening to your company and will ensure that you private details are kept under wraps.

Perfect Privacy

The way in which your internet is connected will make for a safe or unsafe environment for your business. You absolutely need to invest in a VPN, (which stands for Virtual Private Network) if you value your online privacy at all. When a VPN is used all of your internet traffic is diverted through a private tunnel, so that meddling eyes can’t view your online activity.  This is especially important for business owners because you need to keep your personal and business information secure. Look online and compare vpn providers, so that you can feel fully at ease with your internet connection.

Password Protection

Your password might be something as simple as your dog’s name or the name of the street you live on. Hackers can put together a jigsaw of information from everybody who operates online. If you are using an obvious password like this, then there is a high risk you are going to get hacked. It can be a pain to remember long numerical passwords containing several cases and special characters, but it is so important to adhere to these guidelines. You will be putting your business and your clients at risk if you don’t have solid, strong passwords for every piece of software and online programme you use. Never share your passwords with anybody and don’t write them down in an obvious place. Try and use different passwords for varying programmes too so that if one gets compromised the others will be safe.

Financial Fall-backs

All of your financial information is going to be stored online in some way. If a hacker manages to get their hands on this you will be majorly in trouble. If you receive a text or an email from your bank asking for personal details and passwords, make sure you do not reply to it. Report it to your bank straight away and let them know you have been a victim of a phishing attack. The more people who come forward with these cases the better, as it will stop the hackers in their tracks.

You want your business to survive and thrive in the current economic climate and the only way to do this is by keeping your data safe. Not only is your private and confidential information important but your customer’s information could be under threat too. That is arguably the more important aspect of your business to protect; otherwise you will be compromising their personal privacy. Make sure your finances are secure and your data is all covered and you will be set for success in the business world.

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