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So You Want To Be A Software Developer?

With technological advances emerging regularly and the need for more coding wizards to enter the world of computer programming, there has never been a better time to break into the world of software development. As a growing industry that overlaps with many other information technology sectors, software development is a career that is very much in demand. The job market is buoyant, and the rewards are vast. If you want to forge a new career utilizing your coding skills, then software development could be for you.

Demonstrate Your Skills

As a career changer, you are one of the rare breeds that need to locate the skills that they already have in their armor to show any potential new employer how easily they can be transferred to a career in software development. Depending on which industry you have worked in previously, this could be tricky. If you’ve worked with computers or in a technical discipline, it can be easier to demonstrate your analytical and problem-solving skills. If you have worked in an unrelated sector such as teaching or design, it can be harder to pinpoint the desired skills so think about your ability to be creative, think outside the box and work effectively under pressure. These are also vital facets to the software developer’s role.

Show Your Passion

You could be an expert coder, but you also need to show your enthusiasm and passion for the job. If you love coding in your spare time, talk about this at interview. Show your interviewers some of the projects that you have done in your own time and let them know that you’re an active member of software developer forums online. Tell them everything you know about different methodologies such as Kanban and Agile. Impress them with your keenness and willingness to learn and a software company may be eager to hire you so they can morph you into their ideal employee.

Keep Learning

It’s vital that you code in your spare time and experiment with different software applications. Consider exploring the use of virtual clock software to test out your coded projects at different points in the future. By effectively embarking on some technological time travel, you can demonstrate your knowledge of the testing environment and your ability to adapt your coding to mitigate the impact of potential bugs.

You could also venture beyond your knowledge of coding to learn about version control systems. The world of software development is competitive so by ensuring that your bow has as many strings as possible, you are pitching yourself above your rivals. Get online and research Git and TDD. Then attempt to implement your newfound knowledge into some of the programming work you’re doing in your spare time.

There has never been a better time to utilize your passion for coding and technical expertise than in today’s fast paced and ever-changing technologically advanced world. If you have the determination, enthusiasm and drive to change your career, you have every chance of becoming a successful software developer.

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