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Stand Out From The Crowd: A Guide For Software Developers

Since the digital era, there has been a rise in the number of software developers, and this is due to the growing demand for the service. Rollback ten years ago and there was far less in the market so the competition may not have felt so fierce. Today there are multiple developers all pitching out for the same jobs, so what can you do to make you stand out from the crowd?

Simplicity is always attractive. Writing clean code that is easy to read and reuse is essential to winning high-end jobs. You need to offer something effortless within your code: one purpose, one function. Make sure you name the variables and functions in a clean way, this means when you or a developer comes back to read it, everything is quick, and it’s easy to identify what it is meant to do. 

Understand your brief and then get to know it even better. While you may have the basic concept of your clients brief, you should get to know why they are building this application. Ask lots of questions about the business and get under the skin of what the company is. You need to understand the objective entirely, and this will ensure you can deliver precisely what the client needs. 

Offer the client more. Most software developers are required to make reports for the clients once the application is built; however, embedded reporting and allowing the business to do their own analytics could be a massive bonus over your competitors. It will enable them to tailor their reports around their needs. See how embedded ad hoc reporting tools work for your client, and you might find this gives you the edge. 

It doesn’t matter how much talent you have; you need to be disciplined in how you work. You might be able to create the most fantastic code and have better ideas than your competition but, if you aren’t disciplined in how you deliver it, then you could end up failing to meet deadlines or missing vital parts of the brief. Being dedicated will help you produce a much better end result. So when you take on new jobs, focus entirely on the task. Remember that quality is more important than speed, so always speak to your client if you think their project needs more time. 

There is a saying that suggests most people listen only to speak. However, when dealing with clients, you need to listen to hear. You should also listen more than you speak. While asking questions and ensuring you have all the information you need correctly, try to avoid taking over the room with all of your ideas. Listen first and then speak. Make sure you have digested everything that has been said to you. It can be really off-putting to a client if they think they are working with a developer that doesn’t listen. 

It isn’t hard to stand out from the crowd if you make sure your focus is on your client’s needs and delivering the very best products that fit the company brief.

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