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Technology Is Changing The World

Some would even say technology is taking over the world. When you sit and think about it, it truly is. Pretty much everything we do involves technology. It’s hard to escape it, yet we can’t live without it. But if technology good? Yes mostly, technology is the reason we’re finding cures to diseases, saving the planet, discovering new planets etc. It seems that in the last 50 years the amount of technology that is being produced has skyrocketed. The quality is improving hugely as well. So what’s happening all around us that means technology is changing the world? We may not even consider them to be huge advances, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re changing the world. Read on to find out more.


If you think back to 100 years ago, medicine would have seemed to be in the stone age compared to how it is now. Due to technology, medicine is a completely different world. New treatments have been developed that have saved lives. Let’s start with drug treatments. In the labs, new medicines are being created each day to cure common diseases or illnesses. Within the lab, there are high tech robots and microscopes being used to aid the workers. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have the capabilities to find the cures we need to. They enable us to understand organisms like we never have before. The research being done outside the lab is also fueled by technology. There is a common belief that cures to all things that ail us are in the environment we live in. So there’s people out there discovery and extracting new plants or rocks, from either the sea or land, to try and help find cures. Within hospitals technology has shaped the way we deliver medicine. Without the research conducted, we wouldn’t understand hygiene and the prevention of germ spreading as we do now. Even the machines used to take scanes such as MRI’s have changed people’s lives by detecting cancer earlier than we’ve ever been able to. They’ve also gave us a deeper understanding of how the body works.


Cities are constantly evolving. If you look at a picture of the city you live in from 50 years ago, and compare it to one from this year, you’ll be shocked. Technology has seen a huge growth in terms of development. An exciting development at the minute is smart cities. Systems are being put in place to ensure cities are better connected. They’re also ensuring the protection of our environment. If there’s one downside to the rise of technology, it’s the effect it is having on our environment. On a daily basis tonnes of Co2 emissions are being pumped into the earth’s atmosphere by the different buildings and automobiles that we’ve created. The effect this is having on the environment is crippling. This is evident through the rapid acceleration of climate change. But smart cities are being designed with the reduction of energy use and pollution levels in mind. But without the cities that have already been built, we wouldn’t be able to lead the lifestyle we do today. Cities are now booming with things to do, and tourists are coming from far and wide to experience them. Without that, we wouldn’t have the revenue we do to keep new projects alive.


People don’t often associate sports with technology. But it’s at the forefront of creating better athletes. If you’re going professional, you’ll know how much technology is involved. Professional athletes in particular. Take Conor Mcgregor for example. His life has been well documented over the last year, especially in the run up to his big fight with Mayweather. But did anyone notice the technology that was involved to help him train. He was using high altitude equipment to train his body to work under the most stressful conditions. In theory his body should then perform even better at a lower capacity. It’s not just the technology that helps them train that’s incredible. It’s the technology that allows them to actually be an athlete that is. Take amputee’s for example. They are now able to complete in the olympics and other events due to the amazing prosthetics that have been developed. Technology helped create these. They aren’t just normal prosthetics. They’re designed with their desired sport in mind to give optimum range of movement and performance. There has been a spike in the quality of this equipment in the last 10 years, and as we move through this technological age, it should only improve.

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