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Technology Is The Future

We’re in an era where technology rules our lives. There’s not much left in the world that can be done without the aid of tech. What an amazing era to be in. The advancements that are being made are huge, so much so that people are saying computers will be taking over the world before we know it. A scary thought for some, truly exciting for others. let’s explore how tech is set to be bigger than it already is.

Virtual Reality

This is a big hit at the minute. Since Playstation released their virtual reality set, things have only got better. Yes they’re a little pricey, but what you get for that price is incredible. It’s the chance to dip into another world and escape reality. The realism of it all is truly spectacular. Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, or using their wildlife experience, you will always feel like part of what you’re doing. At the minute, all you can do is walk around, or feel like you’re walking round. There are also gadgets that let you move say for example a gun round, to make things more realistic. Now, at the minute it is purely 3D. But developers are aiming to make it 4D in the next so many years. So you’ll be able to touch and smell actual things within the game or movie etc. More information can be found on the Human Paragon website. If that isn’t going to revolutionise the technology world, we don’t know what is.


This is definitely one of the scariest, yet exciting advancements being made. So, there’s the engineering side of robotics. Arms and machines that do the intricate work and human hand just can’t manage. This really is pioneering technology. It’s helping so many companies, and is even helping to create new technology. It’s so helpful in medicine, some surgeries have parts performed by robots rather than surgeons. To say we’ve got to that stage is incredible. Now, the scary side of this is the human robots. Japan and China in particular have a huge interest in this area. As cool as it may sound, they’re being developed to have human emotions. Happiness, love, anger, and hate. So what happens when a human’s angry? They lash out. What happens when a robot is angry? Surely it’ll only be mimic the human emotion. Whilst we’re not quite there yet, advancements are being made for fully human like robots to enter out world.

Driverless Cars

This is the most interesting development. So many people have to make the long boring car journeys every day. But advancements are showing that this might not be the case for longer. Huge strides have already been made. All Tesla models now come with an autopilot feature. Basically meaning the car can fully self-drive. Some people are sceptical of the safety, but Tesla assure people it’s completely safe. There was a recent video of it in action, the car predicted a crash, and braked in time for the people in the Tesla to be safe. If this is the future, it’s amazing.

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