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The Apple Mac: Is It Really Virus Free?

Irony laws in life usually dictate that if someone brags about how they never, ever get sick due to their indulgence in kale smoothies and before the dawn exercise pursuits, that they will eventually succumb to a serious case of the flu. This stuff happens, we all get ill and need to lie low for a week or so – it just cannot be helped, even if you’re super fit! Heck, chasing a keto diet will even enforce an illness on you! Keto flu. Things that brag about not failing end up failing. Failing is a part of life and it’s acceptable.

So, when a big selling point of the Apple Mac is that it’s less susceptible to viruses and the like – when it does come crashing down because of some bad browsing habits, it can come as a bit of a shock.

In short – a Mac, as in the Apple MacBook or iMac can get a virus. It will get infected. It will get exploited. It is vulnerable. The kicker? Not many people are developing malicious programs for Apple products simply because there are less of them. The rewards in exploiting Windows computers which make up the majority of computer usage worldwide are bigger – and easier. It’s harder to write a virus to take advantage of the Mac OSX, simply because it’s not as common as the Windows OS in computing. More people are hacking Windows, so there is more help available. As Macs become more popular, there will be more viruses. It’s just part and parcel of popularity.

Just because there’s a lower chance of a viral infection on a Mac doesn’t mean you’re safe. There are plenty of threats out there that could see your computer crippled and in need of some serious Mac repair, plug-in attacks, scams, hoaxes and a lot of other attacks can leave your computer vulnerable. Browsing habits can leave you exposed, just like on a Windows computer – and hey, if you give your bank info away in a phishing scam, the platform that you used to do so won’t matter much at all. You still need to work safely on an Apple Mac as you would do with anything.

A Mac will be safer, in general, than other computers – but this doesn’t mean you can be carefree. Viruses are out there for the Macs and you can still be a victim of fraud online. You cannot take liberties with the safety of your computer, even if it does pose itself as a ‘virus free’ option. No computer is going to be one-hundred percent secure, especially if the owner is an online risk taker.

What this means is that you need to be careful about your browsing online and to ensure that you equip your MacBook with anti-virus and browser security. Just because there’s less chance of something happening does not mean that will not happen at all! Protect your computer at all times, no matter what the logo is or what it claims to be!

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