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The Internet: Good Or Bad?

The internet is one of those topics that can be spoken about forever, because there really isn’t an ending. Technology is getting so advanced, and has come such a long way in the last ten years, let alone twenty. There are features out there now that go above and beyond to give us a better, safe life. Even down to the tech that is fitted into cars that stop a potential crash before it happens, or even drives for us entirely so we can just sit and watch as we’re being taken for a ride. But is this the only kind of world we live in now? Does everything revolve around the web? Or do children still play kerby in the streets before dinner?

The source

You can pretty much find out whatever piece of information you would like to know, from whether that famous supermodel is walking in Victoria’s Secret fashion this year, right down to whether or not Mike Crapo is currently with or against the President’s decision making. The possibilities are endless, and with that comes great responsibility in remaining focused when doing a basic Google search. It’s so easy to get caught up in links and tabs and information that is totally irrelevant to you, and yet you have a random need to find out anyway. They say that curiosity killed the cat, and yet we’re the most curious beings in the world right now.

The debate

A lot of people often have two very strong opinions. One is that the internet is great and we’re in a modern world and shouldn’t look back, while others believe it’s too much and we’re forgetting where we came from. Well, both sides have a point. There are so many opportunities that are out there and have been created for us all thanks to technology. We can source out what we need when we need it, and do so while taking a brilliant selfie. But, it can also be a very consuming thing that consists of people burning so fast through life with their head down staring at their phone screens, which means they aren’t able to appreciate the real beauty that’s around them anymore.

The change

Remember that change is something that can be so feared, and yet so much good can come out of it if only you allow it to. Embracing change makes life a lot easier. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept everything as it comes, because then you have no more opinion or diversity. Instead, you end up with a planet full of sheep, following one another round, doing as one another does, until they’re no longer here anymore – and that’s a very boring life if you ask me.

The conclusion

So where does that leave us?

Well, maybe it’s about finding the balance. It’s about remembering our roots and looking back at old photographs in dusty albums that are sitting in the attic. And it’s also about indulging in data that can give us the necessary tools to have that career of our dreams. – As long as there is a balance, surely there is no right or wrong…

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