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This Is Why Your Business’s App Isn’t Making Any Money

These days, the majority of most companies now have their very own app for their customers to use. Even very small companies that may be made up of a small team of employees now find that apps are a great way to keep in touch with their customer base. Plus, they are a great way of boosting your business’s profits. After all, they are one extra commodity that you can use to make money.

However, there is a surprising number of companies out there who are failing to make any money at all from their apps. Usually, there are some common reasons why this is, and they are often very easy to fix. Here are some of the main reasons why your app might not be making any cash for you.


You Haven’t Marketed It Well

If no one knows that your company has an app, then they won’t download it and use it. It is as simple as that. So, to make sure as many people know about your app as possible, you should ensure that you have a strong marketing strategy in place. There are various ways to market apps, but one of the best has to be in-app advertising in other apps. Most companies will sell advertising space in their apps. It’s also possible to utilize free marketing platforms, such as social media and word of mouth.


It’s Littered With Bugs

If your app doesn’t work as well as it should, it could put a lot of people off using it. While you are in the development stages, you need to make sure that the app is being continually tested and that any bug resolution solutions are quickly created so that any problems can be ironed out. If possible, you should get members of the public to test the app for you. This also enables you to get some opinions from users. Carry out this testing early on so that you have plenty of time to make any necessary changes.


It’s Completely Free

Lots of companies offer their app for free in an attempt to get more downloads. This is perfectly fine, of course, but you will also need a few other ways of making some money from the app. For instance, adding some extra features that need to be paid for in the app is a good way of boosting profits. You might also want to make it possible for your customers to order your products through your app.


It Can’t Be Used Across Different Devices

These days, there is a wide range of different tablet devices and cell phones that people will be viewing your app on. So, it needs to be optimized for use on different sized screens. If it isn’t, it could be very difficult to navigate and almost impossible to use.

As you can see, there are a few different problems you will have to watch out for when you make your app. Fix them, though, and you will be all set to make money!

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