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Tick Tock, Time For A Tech Upgrade

When is it time to get your tech replaced and upgraded? It’s a good question and one that doesn’t always have an easy answer. You need to watch out for the signs that your tech is getting too old to function effectively. So, here are the signs that you’re due a replacement for your computer and other technology and what the issues that you’re experiencing could mean.

Slow And Not At All Steady

A slow computer can mean one or two problems. For instance, you might have a virus. Viruses do regularly slow down computer systems to the point where they reach a snail pace. Usually, this is because the virus is using a program or software that is taking up a lot of the computer’s power. You’ll feel the effect when you try and search online, watch a video or even type up a word document.

The other issue is that your tech has gotten very messy indeed. Files should be neatly stored together, but after a while, the data gets strewn around the hard drive taking up more space. Think of it like a suitcase. When clothes are neatly folded, you can fit more inside compared them being stuffed in. Again, that’s going to slow down your system.

Do these issues mean you need a new computer? It depends whether you can remove the virus and whether it’s possible for you to sort out your systems by clearing up the mess. If the answer to either of these questions is no, you do need a new system.

I’m Giving Her All She Has, Captain!

Issues with power support for your computer or charging can be a major problem, and you’ll need to rectify them if you want your laptop system to work effectively. Sometimes you can rectify an issue with a battery for a laptop by removing it and giving it a delicate clean. That’s fairly simple in most laptops. However, you might find that the system constantly overheats. In this case, it is once again going to reduce speeds leaving you with a laptop that can’t handle the jobs you need it to. At this point, getting an upgrade really is your only option. Luckily, there are some great options for upgrades on the market with all the info you need at sites like Here you’ll find specs and prices so that you can make an informed decision about your next laptop or computer.

Yellow Light Of Doom, Blue Light Of Death. White Screen Of…You Get The Idea

Every piece of tech that you own has an error or issue that tech experts deem to be unfixable. It’s scary when your laptop screen goes blank for no reason. Hopefully, it switches back on, but occasionally it will go into a restart, reboot loop. At this point, usually there is only one way to fix the system, and that’s a complete reset. This works rather well if it’s a problem with the software, but it does put you back to square one. There will be absolutely nothing on the laptop at all. Everything you ever did or created will be gone. In other cases, it’s a hardware issue, and that really is completely unfixable. Try what you like, your laptop won’t work, and it will be time to buy a new one.

I certainly hope this helps you troubleshoot the issues with your tech and decide whether it’s time for an upgrade.

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