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Top 10 Best Digital Signage Apps

The market for digital signage is expected to grow by 8% between now and 2024; this is according to recent research. Of this growth, North America will be the largest market.

This simply means that several people have already joined the digital signage bandwagon, and more people are expected to participate. In the next four years, you will have so many competitors.

That information alone should be enough to prompt you to jump ahead of your competitors by modernizing your advertisements. Besides, we have offered you a list of the ten best Digital Signage Apps to help you through the transformation.

Enplug Digital Signage

If you are a digital signage user looking for the most convenient digital signage App, then look no more. To start with, the ease of use is a phenomenon. The device is simple to set up and sort into display groups. Content curation through various Enplug Apps is a breeze.

In addition, this device knows no boundaries. With its ability to operate remotely, you are sure to monitor and manage any multiple signage players from any device from anywhere.

Lastly, installing this software guarantees your organization an easy to schedule content. Also, social media content displays are aesthetically pleasing. You are also able to control the time of different types of content.


  • It can be operated remotely.
  • Easy to use services that save time.


  • NVIDIA remotes have trouble pairing sometimes. However, this is a rare case.


This is cloud-based digital signage. It is very easy to use and packed with powerful features to drive any digital signage requirements. It manages several contents such as weather, stock, clock, among others. 

Creating schedules for birthdays or clients visiting welcome signs is a breeze. No longer will you spend on charts for the static billboards. Besides, it supports a host of media players like Fire TV stick, LG WebOS, Android, etc. To crown it all, it enables remote access. 


  • Easy to use and create schedules.
  • Can be operated remotely.
  • An inbuilt App store that enables you to create signage.,


  • Creating a custom layout is a bit tricky. 



Use your screen to educate, engage, and entertain your customers and employees by installing Upshow software. Upshow guarantees you one of the most interactive and intriguing marketing tools.

You will love the fact that it consistently provides new content without you having to update them. That way, it is capable of drawing customers’ attention all on its own.


  • Very interactive and engaging
  • Easy to use.


  • Sometimes scheduling a spotlight for just a few hours gets tricky.
  • Doesn’t link to Facebook.


Intuiface is an unbeatable easy-to-use signage App with amazing in-build assets that you can use to create touchscreen or tablet experience. Besides, a wide variety of samples are available to download through their websites. With the help of a vast collection of web help guides and friendly online communities, you can create, design, and schedule content easily from their websites.

Consequently, you can easily use attention-grabbing media like images, videos, data dashboards, office doc, and social media to get your message across to the staff and clients.


  • Work on many operating systems.
  • You can operate remotely
  • Easy to use and navigate interface.
  • Friendly customer support.


  • Video processing is not very efficient.


Not many digital signages do the trick like Yodeck. If you are looking for a provider that correctly supports all the media, your search ends here. Yodeck supports all images, videos, PDF files, office docs, data dashboards, and social media.

Besides, you can access your organization screen through desktop and other devices remotely. With Yodeck, you really want to be creative; the drag and drop zone editing features enable you to organize content in a very creative way.

It boasts of exceptional signage that is appropriate to the business of all sizes. Delta Airlines, Auto Desk, Adobe, and Dominos are some of the famous companies that use it.


  • Can be operated remotely.
  • Perfectly support attention-grabbing media.
  • Applicable in the business of all sizes.


  • Some of them may seem clunky sometimes.

BrightSign App 

BrightSign prides itself on the ability to integrate and display information from multiple sources using a single platform. It is the easiest way to solve the mentioned problem, a quality that makes it fit for commercial display.

This App is also one of the easiest to use. For one reason, you can group the players for automatic upload. It is also easy to swap, change IP, among others.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Suitable for a commercial display.


  • It is a bit slow.


This is another provider that fits for any project size. Viewneo can be used on many devices. It will make you appreciate the experience with an Android TV. Besides, it is very easy to install and control.

It boasts of a drag and drop interface that is very brilliant and makes building templates or slides quickly. In summary, if you want to create a seamless customer experience, this is your App. 


  • Applicable in projects of all sizes.
  • Building informational templates or slides is a breeze.
  • The best customer experience.
  • Easy to use, simple and straightforward.


  • Dragging contents into the playlist is not precise, i.e., may end up in a wrong position.


For someone taking his business into the digital world for the first time, EasySignage will be the application for you. This owes to the fact that it is easy to use and affordable for any business.

It is designed to be secure and straightforward to users yet full of features. Being an Android-based player with a web-based management system, it is a high-speed provider. Even better, it supports all android based digital signage screens, including Sony, Philips, and Samsung. If you decide on this digital signage app, you are sure to get one display free.


  • Always offers one display free
  • Secure and straightforward to users.
  • Support all android based digital signage.

Educate the Wait

If you want one of the best ways to increase customer engagement and satisfaction is through this digital signage app. The good news is, you can efficiently operate it even if it is your first experience. Ideal signage to first-timers in the digital world.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Very interactive.


If you aim to create a stunning visual that demands the audience’s attention, this could be the best provider. 

ScreeScape customers can quickly turn any screen into a connected digital sign using a simpler and straightforward plug and play device. Besides, will help you manage, update, and monitor the screen once it is connected to the internet.

Even more significant is an easy to navigate content management system that offers a range of automation techniques, flexible editing tools, and built-in infotainment options. Besides, there is free training on how to navigate the system.


  • Very interactive and engaging.


  • Log in requirements may be a challenge to new users.
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