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Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

With the prevalence of big computer hacking stories out there these days, the internet can sometimes feel like an unsafe place. As we devote more of ourselves and divulge more personal details to technology, it can feel somewhat risky. But there are a whole host of ways that you can better protect yourself while you are online. And the vast majority of them are very simple, so it is certainly worth reading on to find out more.

Make Passwords More Complex

Though you will have heard this advice a million times before, a surprising number of people still rely on simple passwords which can easily be hacked or stolen. You are better off using different passwords for different websites, and you also want to make them strong passwords containing a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Where it is available on smartphones and tablets, use the fingerprint or facial recognition systems that they suggest.

Enhance Network Security

You need to ensure that any network you connect to is a secure one, so try to stick to password-protected routers that encrypt your data. Be careful when using public WiFi as it tends to be unsecured. Even if you do have a secure connection to the internet, you should still use a firewall so that hackers don’t have a vulnerable point of access from which they can get to your files and personal details.

Safe Surfing and Shopping

Ensure that any website that you share your personal information with is trusted and be careful about putting your credit card details into a site. Be careful with copycat sites which seem like the original ones but have some misspelling or bad grammar. Look out for the padlock symbol in the URL which indicates that the site is encrypted.

Set Limits on Your Spending

A major issue that people get into online is that they are tempted to spend more money than they have. So, be wary of one-click payment systems which seem very convenient but ultimately make it more tempting to spend your cash. If you are going to be playing online games like Unibet casino games, set limits for yourself so you don’t spend more than you should.    Practicing mindful spending online is an important habit to get into.

Keep Software Updated

Make sure that you have all the latest security systems installed on your software. Turn on automatic updates so this is not something that you have to think about doing yourself. Run regular scans to give yourself peace of mind and confidence that all your systems are safe. Keep on top of what all the latest scams are so you are more confident that you know what you are looking out for.

These five points are a good starting point for staying safe online. Make sure that you are always on your guard as the online world is a dangerous one, but you will put yourself in a much better position with safe internet practices like these.

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