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Why Use TikTok For Business?

If you’re like a lot of business owners, you probably see TikTok as a platform that is only about consumer creators and not designed to be beneficial for business at all. However, that’s not accurate; one might even say it’s rather short-sighted. That’s because TikTok can be used very well by businesses that can then reap the benefits of doing so. So why should you use TikTok for your business? Read on to find out.

Authenticity Matters 

Marketing has to be authentic. Anything that isn’t will be picked up right away, and the public won’t like it. They would rather see something that isn’t quite polished, but that tells a heartfelt story than something perfect that says nothing meaningful at all. 

TikTok is ideal for this kind of authentic, some might say relaxed, form of marketing. The videos uploaded to TikTok usually have something to do with modern life and are often amusing. If you can use video server software to make videos in this format for your business, not only will you entertain people on this platform, but you will show yourself to be genuine and human, a trait that not all businesses can manage. 

Contact The Younger Generation 

Although everyone can use TikTok, it does appear that ‘Gen Z’ have taken it as their own. You’re more likely to find a teen or 20-something using this platform than Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. 

When you are creating a digital marketing campaign, you have to carry out extensive market research about who your target market is. Then you have to create an ad campaign – ideally with a video – that will appeal to them. Finally, you have to place that ad on a platform that those particular people will use. So, if your business needs to appeal to the younger demographic, you have to be on TikTok; they won’t see you otherwise. 

Competition Is Low 

We started this article by saying that hardly any – relatively speaking – businesses use TikTok. They are still focused on other social media platforms, and they don’t feel that TikTok is a worthwhile investment of their time. As we’ve seen, this is not the case. 

If you choose to post videos for your business on TikTok, the fact that very few businesses are using it well means that you won’t have a lot of competition. In other words, you’ll be noticed much more easily. This should, providing your video is entertaining and informative – as well as memorable – translate into sales. 

A Huge Audience 

It’s astounding, but TikTok has been downloaded more than two billion times, and there are 800 million active users on the site across the world. Clearly, this offers you the chance to put your business and brand in front of a vast number of people, much more than any other social media site (when thinking about Gen Z, at least). 

The fact that these users come from all over the world means that your brand can go global very quickly. The real question when you start to consider TikTok in its entirety is why wouldn’t you want to use it for your business?

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