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Changing Directions (again)

First off, 5 unknown people and 1 I sorta know grabbed up the Gmail invitations. Congrats!

Second off (is that even a term?), I can now announce that this is my last week as the webmaster at Ingles. After 6 short and enjoyable months, I have been offered a position with a government contractor, working for the Air Force. I’m not sure how much more I should say yet, but it was too good to pass up. I will be developing a really cool web application with a co-worker whom I already know. I will provide more info when I can.

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  1. Smythers Smythers

    Air Force? Jeezus… I step away from Asheville for awhile, next thing I know Will is employed by George Bush. Weirdness.

  2. Dog Dirt Dog Dirt

    Can ya b’leve that stuff? …next he’ll get rid of his !Bush bumpersticker….

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