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An update for Firefox was released today, bringing it to version I suggest you go get it if you don’t use Firefox, or use the auto-update feature (Help > Check For Updates) in Firefox if you do.

Harvest is a really frigging cool web-based time tracking application. I have been toying with the free demo account and am going to set up a full account when I am done writing this. If you do any sort of freelancing you should check it out.

Today I launched a site I have been working on for a publisher called Enlightened Ink. Glad to see it get out of the starting gate.

After seeing my golf balls slice off to the right every time I hit them last week, I started wondering about The Perfect Swing: Reality or Myth?. Check out all the links to tips at the bottom of the page.

Former AFCCC co-worker Jason seems to have latched onto the wonderful world of blogging quite nicely, putting together a great site for his family.

For you web developers, Vitamin seems to be coming along quite nicely, with great articles from some of the web’s leading minds. And it looks cool too.

Dell has started shipping their higher resolution laptops using a default 120dpi setting for the display. While this helps the readability of text on these systems, it makes an awful bug in Internet Explorer 6 rear its head. What happens is that IE tries to upscale gif images in addition to fonts, thus rendering them very pixellated and jagged. This frustrated me for about a week recently, until I learned the reasoning. If you want to remain at 120dpi but not have the problem, there is a registry hack you can use.

Man, oh man, I want one of these USB turntables so I can finally convert my record collection to digital format. Actually, just to be able to hear some of my old records on a nice system would be great in and of itself.


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  1. Thanks so much for the props. I really appreciate it. The site wouldn’t be nearly so nice if you weren’t such a big help technically and quite the professional, offering a great product. My extended family thanks you too…they love feeling ‘in touch’ with us.

    Regarding my desire to put a small A’ville Tech image on my blog to give you credit, I copied, cropped, and resized the banner image at the top of your pages. It’s just a small little image; is that okay to use or do you have something else you’d prefer I use?

    Thanks again.

  2. Jason,
    That’s fine – I tried responding to your email, but for some reason AFCCC is bouncing back everything I send there…

  3. If your interested in timetracking apps, have a look at 1time. Similar concept to harvest but works in a slightly different way that may suit you. Its also very easy to use.

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