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More Pics, Other News

I just added the pictures from February to the Ye Olde Photo Gallery. I still have one hour and 12 minutes left before March starts. How you like them timely apples?

I figured I better go ahead and get them up there as I am about to get slammed with a bunch of side projects. That is a good thing though. They all seem to come at once, and really haven’t let up much since October or so.

At my day job I finally got Apache 2 talking to Tomcat via the mod_jk connector. It has been a problem that has had me befuddled for the last couple of weeks. Turned out to be not anywhere near as simplistic as it was in the Apache class I attended a few weeks ago. I found it odd that not until I was a week into this did I learn that mod_jk2 is depricated, and that mod_jk is what I should have been dealing with all along. Seems like they would have mentioned that in the class. The silver lining in the cloud is that I am now much more familiar and confident with both Apache and Tomcat now.


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  1. Yeah but everytime you invoke java via tomcat does it spawn another httpd process? & Leave around a ton of garbage collecting to be done? These are my questions.

    I had that issue with apache 1.3.##; also with php calling java. I stopped messing with this after I saw this behavior.


    Shaffer D!

  2. Hey bro, ltns!

    What we are doing is just serving up JSP’s, so I don’t think it’s doing much in the way of spawning extra processes or anything. It’s a low-traffic site on a 4 CPU Xeon server, so it shouldn’t be too much of a concern anyway. Still, you have me curious, so I’ll likely check tomorrow.

    How’s it going? Send me an email!

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