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Server Woes

So I just got my web server back in order after about 12 hours of problems. I ran some upgrades early this morning that borked the entire server.

It turns out something got misconfigured in lilo, the Linux boot loader, and it wouldn’t boot up after the upgrades. Once that was resolved, I had some problems with my root directory being full. After that, I learned that there was a PHP file that didn’t get upgraded, which took down all WordPress installations (me, chris, chris, lauren, etc). I finally got that resolved. Lastly, webmail started showing up in Arabic, and that was due to the same PHP problem.

I’m glad I got everything straightened out with no loss of data. Downtime stinks and is stressful when you have a bunch of clients hosted who rely on email and generate money off their sites every day, but it happens to the best of them.

Thanks for the patience of everyone.

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  1. dog dirt dog dirt

    Computers are electro-mechanical devices running software written by humans…downtime, however unfortunate is unavoidable.

  2. Lauren Lauren

    we had downtime? i didn’t notice, nor did my millions of loyal fans. lucky for you, friend, because I am not afraid to sue!!

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