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3 Habits to Make Your Home-based Job Thrive

There are many key components and factors which contribute to a remote worker, freelancer, or home-based entrepreneur thriving in their chosen field. Some of these are pretty apparent, and others are a bit more tricky to tease out.

For starters, everyone who works from home and isn’t already employed as a permanent staff member, would do well to set up an effective website, network with the right people via services like LinkedIn, and attend trade fairs and conferences.

Branding is another major consideration, and whether people are drawing inspiration from the dax futures symbol or from the golden arches of a certain fast food giant, developing a strong and unique brand, with the right USPs, is essential.

But what about the stuff that you do, each day, away from the watchful gaze of prospective clients and competitors, in order to keep your business ticking neatly along?

Here are some powerful and effective daily habits you should consider adopting for the stability and betterment of your professional life.

Begin each day with a large breakfast

Breakfast has fallen quite strongly out of fashion in recent times, due in no small part to the current popularity of dietary trends such as intermittent fasting — whose advocates suggest that eating in a restricted time window, generally meaning “no breakfast”, is the correct path towards a range of striking health benefits.

While there is research to suggest that fasting may be beneficial for health, most of this looks at occasional, acute, periods of fasting, not fasting as a daily, recurring habit.

It’s important to realise that when you skip breakfast, one of the key things that will happen is that you will skyrocket your production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. This may make you feel a bit elated for a while, but it will also very likely end up causing attention issues, diminished focus, and mood management troubles.

By beginning each day with a large breakfast as soon as you’re up, you blunt the stress hormone response, and fuel your body for the next few hours of steady, consistent work.

End each day with a task review for the next day

Every day should end with you performing a review of the work that needs to be done the next day. As part of this process, you should determine which project, or projects, are going to receive the majority of your attention, as well as create a form of checklist or to-do list, highlighting the key tasks and sub-tasks that you’ll aim to accomplish.

There are various benefits to performing this exercise, but the primary ones are: to reduce the potential risk of procrastination, distraction, and confusion by the next day, and to have a clear action plan in place so that you can hit the ground running instead of wasting an hour or two in the morning getting your bearings.

Wherever possible, commit to a strict end time for work, and relax after

The working-from-home life lends itself to certain unfortunate habits. Perhaps the primary one of these for ambitious, entrepreneurial types, is the ever-present temptation to work at all hours day and night in order to move past the competition.

This may be necessary at times — but it should never be your default, day-to-day approach to your work. Not only will failing to have set work boundaries cause a terrible work-life imbalance, but it will also lead to eventual burnout that can sink your entire career.

Wherever possible, have a strict clocking off time, and stick to it. Once the hour has struck, relax.

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